Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love!

To the world, you maybe one person. But to me, you are the World! It's as easy to stay in love with you as it was to fall in love.
With each year, I love you more and more
Because you are the gift in my life, I give you my gift of LOVE..
Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki. Semoga menjadi suami dan abah yang penyayang. Semoga dengan bertambahnya umur, bertambah lagi kematangan..
i love you ~cinta sampai syurga~~

We celebrated his birthday last night. me, my sisters, my mom and my dad. oh, Lissa too (but she slept throughout the event)
He was shocked that we prepared the cake for him. Just want him to be happy and to know how much we all love him..

There, picture of the 3 of us.. with Lissa sleeping behind our back ;)
And Thank you Adik for preparing the cake

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sing along, Lissa! (Please ignore the pitching, people!)

At last, i got a few minutes to update my blog. with all the audits (which still not over yet!) and a bunch of new incoming materials waiting for the production trials, my hands are quite full. even my mind couldnt focus well during my bf session..sorry baby lissa..
My heart touched when i read Mommy Nadia's blog about Natural Parenting.  it really gave me a nudge!! I never thought so much about this Natural Parenting stuff, til i read her post. I even thought of quiting my job and gave all my time to my baby. Thank you mommy nadia! It almost brought me to tears..

Yesterday was a remarkable experience for me. As Lissa and i "hanged" out in front of the tv, with very low volume, I saw her being fussy. Not sound-fussy type, but with both her hands and legs punching and kicking all over. As I discovered before, whenever she is sleepy and need some nap/sleep, she'll get into that habit. If nobody picks her up, or dodoi her, she'll be doing that til she gets tired and sleeps by herself. As for yesterday, I didn't want her to doze off to sleep by herself, I picked her up and sang her some songs. I tried to recall all the songs while we were back in kindergarten (which is what, 21 years now?). Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald, Are you Sleeping.. and whenever I got to the part I couldn't remember the lyrics, I went humming, hmmmm, lalalallalala..and Lissa laughed whenever I did that! I guess, she knew her mama forgot the song. Clever gurl! All along with my singing, she sang along (regardless her mama's off-pitching and mixed up lyrics. give me a break, Simon!). though the sound was soo far different from what I was so funny and at the same time brought a big happy feeling to me. What a wonderful life as a mum.. another big step, yet wonderful!


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention where we went last Monday. As my husband promised us (me:dinner;  Lissa:jalan-jalan), we went to sunway pyramid (again? Nak buat mcmn, tu je yang dekat.. OU next time, plz!) We had our dinner at my husband's fav restaurant, The Sushi King! while we were eating, I tried to feed Lissa, but she was too overwhelmed with all the clinking sound from the dishes, she didn't want to neither drink nor sleep. As we were leaving and as my husband queuing up to pay, she started to whimper, asking to be fed. Bertuah betul anak mama ni, ye.. I sat next to the cashier, and fed her with my ebm. My husband had to wait up til she finished off her milk. Kids, so unpredictable, rite?


I was looking for a reading material for Lissa. Any mommies out there have suggestion? Trying to find good reading material for her.better start earlier, rite?


I better stop rite now.. got to finish off report for my new material trial..duuuhhh!boring!

Til then!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A typical Weekend as a housewife

Last weekend was a time-to-catching-up-with-laundry weekend! since we didn't plan to go anywhere, the whole 3 days were for me to clear up all the dirty laundry and tidy up our apartment. (sempat lagi Lissa tido dlm bundle kain mama, ye - look at one of the pix)
Nothing much happened. just the usual housewives routine.. waking up early in the morning, putting the dirty laundry in the washing machine, hanging it up (and wishing for the bright sunshine-alhamdulillah), folding all the mounting clothes, while cooking dinner for beloved husband. Yup, all three days were almost the same, except for the menu (Friday: Fried fish and kangkung kampung, Saturday : Soy sauce meat and Meranti masak lemak ; Sunday : Chicken goreng berlada and Lobak Cina Soup) Quite a variety, though all the thinking and pecah kepala thinking what to cook. and surprisingly, yesterday, as a reward, my husband told me that today we're going to have an eat-out! yeayy!!! (Actually, there were nothing left in the refridgerator and we didnt have time to do the grocery yet - but i consider it as a reward, though..wink wink!)
Oh, yeah, forgot to mention.. you must be wondering when looking at one of the pix i posted. yup, the one with the candle and very dark surrounding. that was the day when our surau had no power. the contractors were doing the job outside the surau, and out of sudden, they have to cut off the elec supply, Without any notice! so, as a sacrifice for my Lissa, i have to pump in a dark, along with 2 aromatheraphy candles...scary? quite a bit.. the green light was my pump! if you squint your eyes, you could see a lil clear..hahaha!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nights out to Sunway Pyramid

Nights out to Sunway Pyramid - 2 nights in a row!!
First Night : 3rd December 2009
I was craving (yes, i'm out of the pregnant mode but still have those cravings, people!) for pizzas from Papa John, but Pizza Hut will do since Papa John's restaurant is at Berjaya Times Square (i totally forgot they have opened a new branch at JJ Bukit Tinggi, lol).
We arrived at SP (shortform for Sunway Pyramid) around 9 pm. Ordering -took us almost half an hour, Eating -took another half an hour. There u go, 1 hour. by the time we done eating, most of the stores were closed. Planning to get some stuff at Jusco, but since they were closed, we grabbed the time to take photos of ourselves without people runnning or crossing our path.haha!
Second Night : 4th December 2009
We managed to arrive earlier than last night. I picked up my hubby at work (he's done at 8 pm). Went straight to SP. We shopped first so that we managed to get what i want (an innerwear for me..hehe) then only we grabbed st for dinner. since most of the restaurant almost closed, we got to go to Subway. Yeay! i Love Subway!!!
For both nights, Lissa was so excited. She was sleepy, but managed to hold her eyes wide open for all the lights, blinking and shining stuff around her. We were so happy that she didn't fuss around but enjoy the scenery.
and if you noticed the pix i posted, the one with the Loreal posters - yes, she was awake! she wasnt sleeping, but staring at bright lights above her head!
I guess that's all for today. my boss wasn't around - on leave. my colleagues wasn't around or too busy to be available. my Happy Time for blogging and surfing!! yeay!
Take care all!
~lots of love~

How far has she progressed?

Your baby's birth date was
Friday, October 02, 2009

Your conception date was most likely 1/9/2009
And your baby is 65 days old!


New things I found out today from one of the parenting websites (and quite impressive how they projected the baby's future) are :


  • Your baby's half birthday is April 2
  • Your baby's birthstone is Opal (Hope)
  • Your baby's Astrological Sign is Libra
  • Your baby's Flower is Calendula or Cosmos (White, Yellow and Varied)
  • Your baby was born in the Chinese Year of The Brown Earth Cow
  • Your baby will start kindergarten in 2014, be old enough to drive a car in 2025, finish high school in 2027, and will graduate from college with the class of 2031, give or take a year. Can you imagine?
  • This time last year you weren't even pregnant yet!

Here are list of progress for her :

1. By the end of month one a baby typically:

  • Lifts head for short periods of time (checked!)
  • Moves head from side to side (checked!)
  • Prefers the human face to other shapes (checked!)
  • Makes jerky, arm movements (checked!)
  • Brings hands to face (checked!)
  • Has strong reflex movements (checked!)
  • Can focus on items 8 to 12 inches away (checked!)
  • May turn towards familiar sounds or voices (checked!)
  • Responds to loud sounds (checked!)
  • Blinks at bright lights (checked!)

2. By the end of month two a baby typically:

  • Smiles (checked! – A LOT!!)
  • Tracks objects with his eyes (checked! – especially when her mama walks by)
  • Makes noises other than crying (checked! – not usually cries, most of the time merengek-type of sound)
  • May repeat vowel noises, such as "ah" or "ooh" (checked!)

3. By the end of month three a baby typically:

  • Raises head and chest when put on tummy (checked! – by first month. She does have a strong bone – noticed by her grandma, her babysitter n by a lot of people)
  • Lifts head up 45 degrees (checked!)
  • Kicks and straightens legs when on back (checked!- she can even do the exercise, moving her whole body during the legs pushing exercise)
  • Open and shuts hands (checked! – esp when I massage her fingers)
  • Pushes down with legs when placed on a hard surface (checked!- yup, esp during bathing. She doesn't want to lie on her back)
  • Reaches for dangling objects
  • Grasps and shakes hand toys
  • Tracks moving objects(checked!)
  • Begins to imitate sounds (checked!)
  • Recognizes familiar objects and people, even at a distance (checked!)
  • Begins to develop a social smile (checked! Usually early in the morning n before sleep – she wants to hear some bedtime stories or storytell by herself to her mom before dozes off)
  • Begins to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Brings both hands together (checked!)
  • Interested in circular and spiral patterns
  • Kicks legs energetically (checked!)
  • Holds head up with control

What we can do:

§                  Hold and cuddle your baby as much as you can

§                  Keep up the talking in a sing-song fashion

§                  Massage his body regularly

§                  Hold out toys to him so that he tries to hold them (because his hand-eye-coordination is poor he will not be able to judge the distance between an abject and his hand and will be unable to hold something you offer him)

§                  Place your baby on a bouncer or hold her against your shoulder so as to exercise her neck muscles

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