Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sing along, Lissa! (Please ignore the pitching, people!)

At last, i got a few minutes to update my blog. with all the audits (which still not over yet!) and a bunch of new incoming materials waiting for the production trials, my hands are quite full. even my mind couldnt focus well during my bf session..sorry baby lissa..
My heart touched when i read Mommy Nadia's blog about Natural Parenting.  it really gave me a nudge!! I never thought so much about this Natural Parenting stuff, til i read her post. I even thought of quiting my job and gave all my time to my baby. Thank you mommy nadia! It almost brought me to tears..

Yesterday was a remarkable experience for me. As Lissa and i "hanged" out in front of the tv, with very low volume, I saw her being fussy. Not sound-fussy type, but with both her hands and legs punching and kicking all over. As I discovered before, whenever she is sleepy and need some nap/sleep, she'll get into that habit. If nobody picks her up, or dodoi her, she'll be doing that til she gets tired and sleeps by herself. As for yesterday, I didn't want her to doze off to sleep by herself, I picked her up and sang her some songs. I tried to recall all the songs while we were back in kindergarten (which is what, 21 years now?). Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald, Are you Sleeping.. and whenever I got to the part I couldn't remember the lyrics, I went humming, hmmmm, lalalallalala..and Lissa laughed whenever I did that! I guess, she knew her mama forgot the song. Clever gurl! All along with my singing, she sang along (regardless her mama's off-pitching and mixed up lyrics. give me a break, Simon!). though the sound was soo far different from what I was so funny and at the same time brought a big happy feeling to me. What a wonderful life as a mum.. another big step, yet wonderful!


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention where we went last Monday. As my husband promised us (me:dinner;  Lissa:jalan-jalan), we went to sunway pyramid (again? Nak buat mcmn, tu je yang dekat.. OU next time, plz!) We had our dinner at my husband's fav restaurant, The Sushi King! while we were eating, I tried to feed Lissa, but she was too overwhelmed with all the clinking sound from the dishes, she didn't want to neither drink nor sleep. As we were leaving and as my husband queuing up to pay, she started to whimper, asking to be fed. Bertuah betul anak mama ni, ye.. I sat next to the cashier, and fed her with my ebm. My husband had to wait up til she finished off her milk. Kids, so unpredictable, rite?


I was looking for a reading material for Lissa. Any mommies out there have suggestion? Trying to find good reading material for her.better start earlier, rite?


I better stop rite now.. got to finish off report for my new material trial..duuuhhh!boring!

Til then!




yeap Airin, start to introduce her the soft book..bnyk jual..lamaze is at reasonable price n yet with nice pix..nadia pun suka beli buku kt Adam,even time dia 5 months dh beli buku yg hardcover..happy bila tgk dia mmg suka kat buku..
neway Airin,mayb challenge as working mommy make us more appreciate the time we had wit our lil one..kan?!

~~rosman~aireen~~ said...

i totally agree with you, nadia. the fact that we have a very limited amount of time will make us appreciate those lil time to spend with them.

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