Friday, March 8, 2013

Huggies Dry Pants: Change for Better Convenience

Change for better convenience?
What is convenience in changing diapers?
The evolution of diapers has changed!

From archaic method of changing diapers where we, parents need to make sure our baby is laying on their back. Yes, it is a difficult and close to impossible task!

Thanks to Huggies, we now can live in an ease of mind.

With the mechanism of Koyak, Salin & Lepas, we are in a good position of becoming a well-managed parents.
Does not believe me?
Let me show you the old fashion way of diapers wearing.
This is the conventional diaper. I can easily removed it and put it in my mouth
Or I can sing and dance along with it
And put it in my mouth again
And do another Gang-Nam style
And put it in my mouth again. do you get the whole process?
Yes, that was what happened to me whenever I used the conventional type of diapers for my toddler. She can easily removed it and dance and put it in mouth whenever she wants it.

That's why I love Huggies so much and..
..that i want all these!
And hug it even tighter that...
it protects me from any leakage and being busuk. Now I'm dry, clean and fresh!!
Ok, now. let's experience it
It comes in three sizes, M, L and XL
It is Clinically Proven helps prevent Diaper Rash
Soft and comfortable material
Eh, within 30 seconds I am done!! 
Kakak also can wear Huggies Dry Pants by herself. Impressive. Good job, kakak!
and no more stuffy bum!
Told u so, no more stuffy bum!!
Kakak also claimed the same!
Lets see what we can do!
Wow! Happy together
TQ Huggies!
We look much happier when we are Dry!

I can do my actions
I worry no more!
Lets tonggeng together!
Now, you can collect FREE Huggies Dry Pants sample HERE

and visit Huggies Facebook page HERE
As easy as Koyak, Salin & Lepas, so what are you waiting for?
Have a huggies-rific weekends!

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