Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gold Coast, Here We Come : The Departure Story KLIA - Changi - Brisbane

Just got back from the best trip ever in my life, Gold Coast!!!

I never thought that Gold Coast is so much fun until we went there and experienced it by ourselves!!
It was awesome!!!

Gold Coast was my second Free Trip that me and husband qualified after Seoul, Korea last September 2013. This time around, I brought along my business partner Afizah

Close to 100 Glampreneurs went for the trip. Total of 3 buses overall. We went from 15th til 20th February 2014.

Lets take a look at the Departure Story from Shah Alam to KLIA.

Our picture before my husband and I went to Gold Coast.

To be honest, I started packing the day before we fly.  This was my theme outfit for the gala dinner.

Done packing on the day itself!! memang kelam kabut. and the fact that my checked in bag was much bigger than the content. Baju bawa 2 pieces with 2 pair of slacks. hehe

Arrived at KLIA.

Our mommy, CDM Hanis Haizi sent us off to the airport. She was still in her pantang day. rasanya baru 15 hari kot. Sayang sangat both her and husband tak dapat join us.

Details prepared by our tour leader. all forms and tickets ready. We're going by Singapore Airlines, transit at Changi Airport for about 3 hours, then off to Brisbane.
The Diamond Circle Team with the Glam founder, CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Razali Zain

The Glam Men

Okay, tengok ape tu??

Meh sini lah, i betulkan untuk u. awww!!

Kepuasan berganda bila melancong dengan company secara percuma bila bawa bersama business partner. Afizah Nordin, the first timer qualified to this free trip. Alhamdulillah. More to come after this. nak bawa satu table to shanghai plak!!

with my biggest supporter, mr husband, aka mr rosman. I am proud to be his wife, to have him as husband. He is very very supportive. no matter what i do, he'll support his wife with heart and soul. and the reward? this free trip for our honeymoon.
Selfie dulu!

My Pink Diamonds team along with The Diamond Circle founder and GLAM founder.
Masing-masing sibuk dengar briefing and also browsing through the itinerary provided by the tour guide. sangat focus, okay

Si cameraman tengah sibuk cari lagu Counting Stars for our first dance at KLIA

Cheers! yang tudung belang tu, nama nye Fatin, muda lagi, early twenties. first time qualify trip and also first time buat passport! bayangkan muda lagi, berasal nun jauh kat Kedah sana. only with this trip has changed her life.
and also, nak inform uol, dia la partner i masa kat GC. Nope, bukan partner tido sebilik ye (tu dah ade partner sehidup semati i) tapi partner masa naik roller coasters sbb my husband  memang tak berani nak naik bende2 yg mbahayakan.lol!

Baru kat KLIA dah bergambar sakan. lol!!

Masa beratur before off to the boarding gate. Couple berdua ni memang funny!

The doctor in Glam

While waiting for boarding. husband saya ni lately sangat suka bergambar. 
With Cikcida business partners. Though we are not business partners, can be called competitors, but we are positive minded. we support one another under GLAM wing. persaingan sihat :)

Partners in crime!!
Ain was my schoolmate at MRSM Jasin in year 98/99. Never tot of having a next to one another shoot, but now since doing the business together, we set a positive aura around us.

Arrived at Changi Airport. My sportman hubby. tengok kat blakang tu, sempat lagi posing!

Our first selfie at Changi Airport. 

Transfer to T3 Terminal

The three guys in The Diamond Circle team

A must visit store. Checking out the price at Singapore to compare at GC nanti

So excited to grab my first Pandora

Smiley us

All girls in the diamond circle
Our Tour leader was giving the briefing.

and since it was already 9 pm, all of our stomach hungry for food. Luckily, thanks to Hai-O we were given $20 Singapore Dollars Cash voucher per person to spend! Off we go to the Burger King as the only Halal restaurant available at the Changi Airport. yang lain x sure halal ke tak

with the $20, macam2 dapat. 2 burger sets, with upgraded to Milo Large drink, deserts and some frenh fries.

Mr Ridhuan or Pakngah, cant be separated with his Maggie in Cup.

Me and the lovely CDM Sha Khalid, who's in her first trimester. Mesti penat sangat travelling during this period. Tapi tetap senyum manis for us ;)
After having dinner, time to go to the boarding gate

the journey begun

The environment masa tu sangat tenang and cozy. yelah, almost midnight.

Sempat selfie inside the Changi Airport restroom

our flight

Both ready to board!
Selfie couple yg wajib

Our so-called mak in this business. She was the one who hold my hand since day 1 in business until now.
Thanks a bunch to CDM Shaliza Aziz for realizing our dreams

The Menu.
Macam la boleh pilih, coz they already arranged a muslim food for all of us.

Almost arrived. Kelam kabut filling up the Departure Card

Hello Brisbane!

If you can spot the large cruise there!
The happy, tired faces. 8 hours long.

Sampai je, terus set cepat2 untuk roaming. rindu dah kat kanak-kanak riang kat rumah.

Yeay! arrived safely

both happy faces.

Beria guna Monopod

Again, bermonopod

Doing some video shoot here

Off we go to Gold Coast!!!
and the glamjourneys begins....

Stay tuned for the next entry..


Notes: Next Free Trip to Shanghai is NOW OPEN! anyone can qualify to the trip. Do contact me 017-6511966 or husband 017-6511955 to know the details, and we will show you how.


Nurulaizanhusin said...

warh jelesnya..Gold Cost wait for me :) kn tggu airasia wat promotion lah mcm nie hehe

Airin Diana Anuar said...

harus jeles ye aizan.hjehe
mmg tmpt paling best setakat ni

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