Thursday, February 13, 2014

Being a mom

Being a mom definitely changed a lot of things.

First, your time now divided into two, or more. your husband and your kid(s). as for me, it'd be 3. my husband, lissa and hanie.

Being a mom, is where the new journey begins.
Pregnancy, the stretchmarks, the morning sickness, the spider veins..
Fully BF mom; the ebm, the pumping, the breastpump, the engorgement, the sore..

All because of these two kiddos!

But i tell you, it is all WORTH IT!

Being a mom .. it is so synonym now with Medela Fresstyle for bf moms and Premium Beautiful for Confinement moms.

It has became a trend nowadays.

Every bf mom mostly owned an FS and also wear PB since dalam pantang.

The Medela Freestyle

The Premium Beautiful Corset
NOW great happy news that everyone now can owned Premium Beautiful Corset as low as RM85 per month!!

Yes, it is TRUE!

If you wants to know how, do pm me.

Yes, being a mom.. changed a lot of things.

but it is all a great change!



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