Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From Australia with Love

Hello hello!

Oops, dont get confused with the title. I'm not there yet. Still in Malaysia..still in Shah Alam.
Title je saje buat!

Well, as everyone knows, i'm going to Gold Coast this coming weekend til Thursday next week. And this is the second trip fully sponsored I qualified along with husband after Korea. and this time I'm bringing along my beloved business partner, Afizah Nordin.

As yesterday's entry, i'm taking orders for Pandora now. You may read it HERE

Also, I am taking orders up to 5 handbags ONLY for OROTON, the luxury brand from Australia.

and also taking orders for Hard Rock Cafe Tshirt, Surfer's Paradise version.

Orders will be closed by Friday noon as im going away the next day.

Hurry up and place ur order now. very limited quantity, as i myself planning to get few souvenir for myself, family and friends :)

PM me to order


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