Monday, December 7, 2009

Nights out to Sunway Pyramid

Nights out to Sunway Pyramid - 2 nights in a row!!
First Night : 3rd December 2009
I was craving (yes, i'm out of the pregnant mode but still have those cravings, people!) for pizzas from Papa John, but Pizza Hut will do since Papa John's restaurant is at Berjaya Times Square (i totally forgot they have opened a new branch at JJ Bukit Tinggi, lol).
We arrived at SP (shortform for Sunway Pyramid) around 9 pm. Ordering -took us almost half an hour, Eating -took another half an hour. There u go, 1 hour. by the time we done eating, most of the stores were closed. Planning to get some stuff at Jusco, but since they were closed, we grabbed the time to take photos of ourselves without people runnning or crossing our path.haha!
Second Night : 4th December 2009
We managed to arrive earlier than last night. I picked up my hubby at work (he's done at 8 pm). Went straight to SP. We shopped first so that we managed to get what i want (an innerwear for me..hehe) then only we grabbed st for dinner. since most of the restaurant almost closed, we got to go to Subway. Yeay! i Love Subway!!!
For both nights, Lissa was so excited. She was sleepy, but managed to hold her eyes wide open for all the lights, blinking and shining stuff around her. We were so happy that she didn't fuss around but enjoy the scenery.
and if you noticed the pix i posted, the one with the Loreal posters - yes, she was awake! she wasnt sleeping, but staring at bright lights above her head!
I guess that's all for today. my boss wasn't around - on leave. my colleagues wasn't around or too busy to be available. my Happy Time for blogging and surfing!! yeay!
Take care all!
~lots of love~


iNtAn aIzaN said...

amboi mummy & daddy yg lebih2 nmpk :)
baby lissa tido jer :)
congrats for both of u
smoga kebahgiaan kalian sntiasa berkekalan

erm, doakan jugak utk kami berdua k
slam peluk cium utk baby lissa

Note: did i'm right to call her lissa????


ha'ah..lissa dah kuar shopp' ek..yumyum..subway..!teringin plak da lama tak makan..yer ke ..rase br 3 wks back..hohoho..btw airin,bila adam boleh g visit lissa ni..dh tak sabar nak ngorat ni..:)

~~rosman~aireen~~ said...

aizan, mestila mommy n daddy yg over2..lissa tido jeik. kalau jaga pun tgk lampu..hehe..thanks a lot!insyaAllah, masa ko akan tiba ;) yes2, panggil lissa (mentang2 nama panjang ek?)
amboi mommy nadia!! tak sabar2 nak nguratkan utk adam ek. bley2..this weekend bley datang ngurat ;) hihihi

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