Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A typical Weekend as a housewife

Last weekend was a time-to-catching-up-with-laundry weekend! since we didn't plan to go anywhere, the whole 3 days were for me to clear up all the dirty laundry and tidy up our apartment. (sempat lagi Lissa tido dlm bundle kain mama, ye - look at one of the pix)
Nothing much happened. just the usual housewives routine.. waking up early in the morning, putting the dirty laundry in the washing machine, hanging it up (and wishing for the bright sunshine-alhamdulillah), folding all the mounting clothes, while cooking dinner for beloved husband. Yup, all three days were almost the same, except for the menu (Friday: Fried fish and kangkung kampung, Saturday : Soy sauce meat and Meranti masak lemak ; Sunday : Chicken goreng berlada and Lobak Cina Soup) Quite a variety, though all the thinking and pecah kepala thinking what to cook. and surprisingly, yesterday, as a reward, my husband told me that today we're going to have an eat-out! yeayy!!! (Actually, there were nothing left in the refridgerator and we didnt have time to do the grocery yet - but i consider it as a reward, though..wink wink!)
Oh, yeah, forgot to mention.. you must be wondering when looking at one of the pix i posted. yup, the one with the candle and very dark surrounding. that was the day when our surau had no power. the contractors were doing the job outside the surau, and out of sudden, they have to cut off the elec supply, Without any notice! so, as a sacrifice for my Lissa, i have to pump in a dark, along with 2 aromatheraphy candles...scary? quite a bit.. the green light was my pump! if you squint your eyes, you could see a lil clear..hahaha!


iNtAn aIzaN said...

warh tak menang tangan mama nie :)

macam tuelah keje surirumah cik kak
still wondering macamane mak2 kite dulu
dgn anak yg berderet2 tue kan..

tapi mmg salute lah dgn ko
masih sempat utk masak utk hubby

klu aku lah agaknye asyik nak makan luar jer kot
penat seh


wow..best nye Airin masak..kalau tahu nadia pergi join makan skali..leh:)huhu..
tot to visit lissa last weekend,turn up Adam not feeling well..flu n cough..not gud for lil baby like lissa..so perhaps next time..prob when airin masak best2 tu ek..:)

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