Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's go for a drive.

Morning all!

I am pumped up today.

So excited. been getting more and more good news. Early morning yesterday, ive received a call that i've been waiting for few months now. will soon announce to all of you what's it's all about.

Then received a text message from HQ on the date confirmed for Gold Coast. I became super excited. a great start for 2014. Alhamdulillah. Thanks Allah for the news that keep on coming.

okay, tersasar jap from the title.

I went for a drive last week.

Yes, it wasnt special if it was a normal sedan car.

But it was a sport car.

A luxury car.

It was a BMW 328i M-Sport version!

Now, i get your attention, right?

Okay, let me start the story.

It was an unplanned drop by.

Me, my brother and my cousin cum business partner, Iezzah were meeting at Glenmarie and we passed by BMW Bavaria outlet. Since i've been eyeing the bmw 3-series car for quite some time, it's about time to go and have a testdrive.

Once we entered the outlet, we've got a great treatment from the salesperson. 

Kereta bersinar-sinar. This is the new BMW 3-series 316i. a 3-series with 1.6L engine.

When she asked me what model that i'm looking for, immediately i said, it is 320...and as she about to move to get brochure..i continue, it is 320D.

and she turned back to me, with a very surprise reaction.

Salesperson : A Diesel car? Are you sure?
Me : Yes. a Diesel car.
Salesperson : Oh, not so many people asking for diesel car. how do you know about it?

i believe it was also because i'm a lady, where lady equals to not-having-a-knowledge-about-car impression. but ahem, i am a lady who knows quite so much about car, and especially details of the engine. kata kerja kilang automotive and kilang buat engine. haruslah amik tahu!

I explained that i learnt that having a diesel engine would actually increase the "pickup" of the car especially during overtake.

And she nodded.

She asked us to take a sit while she went to get some brochure, i believe. 

But to my surprise, she brought a key and immediately showed us the 320D car.

At that time, she immediately started the engine. Yes, a diesel engine will be a bit noisy as compared to petrol. But i believe it was acceptable tho.

She explained that in terms of "pickup", yes a diesel engine car will be much better. but in terms of second hand value, not so much.

She mentioned, why not you grab this 328i M-Sport?

while showing this:
Can you ignore this beauty,sexy creature???
I melted right away, okay!!
Terus, lupakan lah 320D. Mari kita test drive this sexy 328i!

Maka, terus isi form for test drive purpose, provides IC along.


Super excited, dalam hati je lah. Kat luar, maintain kewl. lol!
Hello beauty, we meet again!

The salesperson explain on the functions.
Yes, i agree at this moment, that we need to read the manual in details if we want to master and conquer this beast.

Oh, test jap GPS

Yeay im ready!!

It has 4 modes of drive. where 2 are for Sport and Sport +. meaning that makin lama makin lajuuu!

A very simple layout interior.
Tapi definitely Lissa and Hanie tak suka because of no dvd player - for safety purpose, sila jangan tengok movie sambil drive ye!! (i la tu, suka drive sambil curi-curi tengok Barney.LOL!)

My cousin who sat behind me said that i drove like a crazy lady.
Yela, mesti lah nak tekan especially during cornering.
Sangat stable!! Layannnn. hahahahaha (now im laughing like a crazy lady).

A great thing about a bmw car is they have the dynamic drive. The engine will put in a paused when the engine is in idle mode, ie stopping at traffic light, or waiting for your mom buying nasi lemak. hehe!

This function will have a high torque, low-consumption power. 

Torque? Never compare it with a normal car. It has 350 Nm in Torque, with less than 6 second 0-100 km/h acceleration and Top speed of 250 km/h!! Yums!
awwww.. drooling again.
So what's next?
Aim for Car fund to be completed soonest possible.
Sikit je lagiiii!!

Aim for a bigger bonus. untuk downpayment.
Mode : kumpul duit banyak2.

Now, i know the car. i know the range. i have tested drive the beast.

It is time for ACTION!!

Love the experience.

If tak buat bisnes, confirm tak merasa nak singgah showroom pun. 
sbb memang mustahil sangat boleh pakai kereta more than RM200k.
but now, insyaAllah.
Moga dipermudahkan.

Ready, Get Set, GO!!!!!

till we meet again.


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