Monday, January 6, 2014

From Lissa's Diary : Hanie Myazara First Day of School

Hi all!

Today I'd like to tell a story about my lil sister, Hanie Myazara.
She is now 2 years and 9 months.
Mama said it is time for her to go to school since if counting by year, she'll be 3 this year.

I still remember my first day at school. It was in February 2012. I was only 2 years and 4 months old at that time.
If you still can recall, i was very very excited to go to school : CLICK HERE for my throwback experience during 1st day of school.
I even woke up at 10 pm and cried because i wasnt at school. I LOVE school so bad!! CLICK HERE
I wore my school bag the night before school.

Hanie was only 7 months old at this time

It was so different this time, for mama.
She experienced totally different situation.
When it was me, I was really excited. No tears at all. When mama dropped me, i just walked straight to the classroom.
But now, mama involved in a big drama performed by Queen Hanie Myazara. Oh My!
Her scream and tears were all over mama!

Now, let me tell the story from the day mama brought us for preschool registration.
Mama was impressed with my achievement and great knowledge of recognizing the ABC, reading the Anakku and Iqra', getting all the numbers and doing the simple adding & subtracting. So she decided to continue my 5 years old there and starting a 4 year old class for Hanie.
Me, as usual, super happy to go to school.
Mama told me, please pardon her pix without zero make up.
And Hanie started her drama. Baru nak register, belum lagi masuk school. heish!

She tried to copy my trademark of the muncung, but!
Teacher Ros was finalizing the tuition fees and registration fees

Calculating the fees. and mama said, this was the time when she heard the Kaching sound. hehe
Then the day for first day of school.
Mama was given a day off by her company since she worked on 1st January.
She woke us up about 8 am in the morning. took us for a shower. This was a difficult moment for her since both of us were crying, begging to just continue our sleep.

Both of us are ready to go to school!
Hanie mula buat muka monyok.
Oh, rambut dah sikat, tapi bila baring tengok Hi 5, habis kusut masai

Ok now Hanie started to show bit smile

and do peace sign

Hanie, let's go to school, okay!

Hanie : Okay kakak. jom!

Let's give mama a smile before we go
In car, still okay. happy.

Just right when we arrived, Hanie started to cry..
a little at this time. Mama has to carry her.
me? super excited!!

When mama handed over Hanie to Teacher Ros, this was when the scream started.
and mama has to follow us right to the school's door.
The scream? still there!!

Mama gave Hanie last hug and kiss.
and mama went off.
Hanie suddenly stopped crying.
I didnt know how Hanie behave in classroom since I was in different classroom.
I am now a 5 year-old student. while Hanie in the 4 year-old class.

In the evening, mama came to pick us up. Both of us are super happy!
Hanie now has been so independent. She can wear shoes by her own.

See? Clever girl, right?
She no longer cry.
but the drama starts all over again tomorrow morning.
eish, Hanie.. you have to start being an independent girl.

I cant be with you all the time.
I have my own friends, like Arissa, Alissa and many others.

Let me end my entry with this funny conversation mama had with Hanie :

Mama : Hanie, how's first day of school
Hanie : Okay.. (sambil tersengih)
Mama : Kawan hanie ape nama?
Hanie : Entahhh
Mama : Teacher apa nama
Hanie : Teacher Ros, Teacher Siti dengan urmm..urmm.. teacher nhdsudysufhdj
mama : LOL!!

Till then!



Nadine said...

Hehehehe cute!

Adoi, now aunty Nad is supernervous of sending Faaz to school tomorrow. You see, my son is very reserved to stranger and he seems not looking fwd to go to school (he is 5yo this year). huhu...

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Aunty Nad (ececeh.. mcm betul je Lissa yg!)

Is it the first time Faaz going to school?
I think he'll do fine, Nad. kids, dah kenal kawan2 definitely will be okay ;)

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