Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Car Hunting

It is about time.
For what?
For me to let go off my sweet 7 years Kancil, my first car
what car to replace my kancil?
still searching
still hunting 
for the best car that can replace my great Kancil
That car should have these criteria:

  1. Easy maneuvering (as in, senang cilok) - the reason why i love my kancil. baek punye cilok!
  2. Low Fuel consumption - also the reason why i love my kancil. isi minyak full sekali tahan seminggu setengah ;)
  3. Trouble-free during parking - correct! kancil? no problem!
  4. Lenguh-free car (as in, Auto mode) - reason why i need to change my kancil. tak tahan mak menekan clutch everytime stuck in traffic. stress mode 1 hour in traffic for a less than 25 km journey.

I've listed a few cars for me to consider.. of course with current salary in the back of mind.. plus with the business has just started, i need to clear off most of major hutangs and the plan for a luxury car (as in, BMW, Nissan 370Z, etc) will be put in another year (aim)

1. Peugeot 308 vti
Visited the showroom last year during car hunting for my husband. The dealer was so good. the interior nice.but i'm concern about the second -hand value.. Naza car..? erm... 
2. Ford Fiesta
The exterior can make people went WOW!
I went test drive for this car, along with my two besties, Saniah and Dayang.
The interior made me goes "urmm... are you sure?" Not that wow factor for me. It is nicer to sit in a Proton's car, say Preve, Inspira and even Persona rather than this car.
The performance... can be questionable since I stepped on the gas as hard as i could, but the car moves not that fast as i imagine eventho it was a 1.6L car.
and my 2 friends seating at the back felt quite cramped and crowded for 2 people
3. Nissan Almera
When i showed my husband a picture of this Almera, he didnt agree at all.
So, a complete fullstop there.
4. Kia Forte

The design is nice and catchy. Even before my husband took his Inspira, he even thought about this car. but then when he found out about the R3 kit launched in the 1.8L Inspira, he sort of forgot about this model. i did sign up for a test drive. but up to now, still hv no free time to go. plus, it is again, Naza car...

5. Proton Inspira 2.0L

I love Inspira. Just because I've drove my husband's and fell for it. but two Inspiras in a garage? erm.. doesn't sound right.. but the new color launched in the 2.0P..very very nice!!

6. Honda CRZ Hybrid

Yes, i like hybrid car! environmentally good plus fuel economy. ding ding!
So i went to the nearest Honda, and eyeing closely to this CRZ. GREAT! a sporty car. 
Just look at the picture. How could you not love this car??
but.. as i went inside the Honda Showroom, at that time brought along makcik kecik, Lissa, the car dealer immediately said: CRZ is nice, but for family, come follow me.....(maybe bcoz of the 2-door type)
and that brings us to Car No. 7.

7. Honda Jazz Hybrid
Instead of just poking and looking around, the car dealer asked me to feel the car, means test drive it. funny how Lissa reluctantly got inside the car. Kete sape ni mama? 
the feel? yes, i love it! the engine was so quiet (yes it is bcoz it's hybrid). the ride was so smooth. I drove on the Federal highway and climbing the steep road but it didnt felt like loosing power, or 1.3L car! sooo powerful. yes, i fall for this car...!
went back, showed the brochure to mr husband (of coz i need his consent)..and he frowned.."erm jazz?" yeah i know it is categorized mostly as female car.. so, berkecai harapan.. he has an intention to drive my car sometimes.. 

8. Proton Satri Neo R3
These models have been parked in front of my office lately. They are scheduled to launch this month, i heard. a special edition R3 Neo. very tempting! but again, 2-door car? not very family type for me... :(

9. Honda Insight
I've never surveyed this car. my boss suggested it. and it is a hybrid car.. will book a test drive later

10. Toyota Prius C Hybrid

Yes, I am going with the hybrid option. and i've tested drive this car, with Lissa, Hanie and my bestie, Saniah sitting at back. I love it love it love it!!
It has the 3 mode setting. When I want to drive in town, with heavy traffic..or whether to overtake or to just relaxing, cruising on the highway.. they have it all.
very quite engine. very smooth ride. very comfy and spacious. conclusion, very very nice!
And right now toyota is having some promotion on rebate. and for this car they are offering RM5000! yes, of course i can get a deal of the TRD kit. yes! love it love it love it! and mr boss aka mr husband agreed to this model. FINALLY! 
more on their rebate promotion for their 30th anniversary? click here

I went to a website for cars comparison at Live Life Drive website. click here
did some comparison between those cars

You can see rating on multiple categories depends on your needs. Lets say CRZ better in performance but lack in roominess. 
But overall rating for these models, are pretty much the same..from 4 stars to 4.5 stars.. now, it is time to tepuk dada, tanya selera..


Mohd Ridhuan said...

ala..napa masa nak amik kete ni tak gtau. i vote for peugeot / prius

Airin Diana Anuar said...

hahaha duan!!
peugeot sbb diorg cakap mtce tinggi.
prius abg man cakap mcm myvi penyek. so next!!

last2 amik forte sbb tertawan with the promotion going on. u can get interest rate less than 2%!! sangat best. and driving it, mmg maneuvering tip top!! cilok terbaek punye.huhuhu

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