Thursday, November 1, 2012

Have you achieve what you want?

Hello November! Goodbye October.
Time run fast. 
Have we asked ourself what have we achieve in 2012? we only have another 2 months and then..good bye 2012, welcome 2013.. and another new years resolutions come. But can we ticked off the 2012 resolutions?
As what i wrote early this year (you can read it here), i wished for:
InsyaAllah, 2012 will be better for all of us..
wishing for more happiness
wishing for better health
wishing for a better motherhood (and more organized!)
and of course..
wishing for a better career path ahead..amiiin!
As of November 2012, Alhamdulillah... with all His power and restu from my husband and parents, I have achieved more than I ever imagine..

Family holiday to few places
7 days 6 nights Jakarta & Bandung
you can read the trip here
WTC at Jakarta, Mangga Dua


Shopping tak hingat.. Bak kata orang, hujan pun berenti..
Taman Safari Bogor

Rumah Mode

Shopping sampai lupa anak main dgn ikan besar.heee
Cameron Highland
you can read it here
Weekend getaway to Malacca
Hari Raya Trip to Port Dickson - Avillion Cove Hotel

Kuantan Getaway - Zenith Hotel

Ipoh Trip - Lost World of Tambun

Kluang for Raya Haji Holiday
You can read it here
 Another trip coming next month would be Terengganu!! Cant wait!

A healthy family

Healthy happy family.Alhamdulillah
Raya 2012. Blue theme
1. Able to prepare for Lissa's education
Signing up for a playclass during weekend at Kizsports and Gym at Empire 
Signing up to a 4-year old class (when Lissa was only 2 and half y.o) at My Little Impian Playhouse

The dedicated Teacher Aqilah, principal for this school

the colorful school

Ready for School!

Kakak ade bag Barney!

2. Celebrated Hanie's First BirthdayYou can read it here

3. Able to organize . aqiqah kenduri for both of my daugthers plus 3rd birthday party for Lissa
You can read it here

From an engineer cabuk..

To a corporate alike executive
And now doing business -as part timer to generate more income with very minimal working hours - 2 hours per day to generate 4-6 digits salary per month. InsyaAllah 2013 will be more merrier.
During Sales Manager Award

In a big group with dedicated leader
Want to be part of our team?
Want to generate 4 to 6 digits salary monthly?
Come contact me, book your appointment
I will share you how we achieve a big income together.


Wan Amira said...

i like this entry :) another one month to wrap .. good luck airin

airin diana said...

Thanks dear!
More to go in the to do list, especially pegi jalan2..hehe..

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