Friday, November 16, 2012

Parenting Tips : Sports Every Dad Should Teach Their Son

Wait a minute! Wasn't this blog is all about mommies and kids? Why out of sudden i wrote about things to do with...D.A.D?
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The truth is I've been approached by a blog owner, Emma Robert (Thank you Emma for reading my humble blog) to do a review about her article, titled 10 Sports Every Dad Should Teach Their Son (you can read the whole article here)
I was intrigue by her writing about parenting tips and all. Let's read her tips on Sport, Daddy and Son:
  1. Golf – while playing, you can also earn! i heard golf's tournaments did offer big bucks as present!
  2. Basketball – I love this one. even i think it will be fun to have a session of father, mother and daughter (since i have 2 daughters, and no son) 
  3. Football – Not actually a popular game in Malaysia. But I've experienced watching the game live at the stadium during the match of Purdue University vs our rival Indiana University. What i can say, it is definitely an interesting game. 
  4. Hockey – This is definitely a teamwork game.
  5. Baseball – Never know how this game is being played.. hehe.
  6. Tennis 
  7. Bowling – Nice one! I was BAD in this. but my husband a wowed player. He can score almost a perfect score. and whenever there's a tournament, he'll join and won some.
  8. Swimming – kids = playing water = joy. 
  9. Soccer – A favourite sport for the guys. I'd guess my husband will definitely put some "Chelsea" or "Arsenal" element in this (wink!).
  10. Horseback Riding - Never try this :)
Let's visit her blog and you can find lots of ideas on parenting tips, such as :
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Enjoy bloghopping!

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