Monday, November 12, 2012

Seminar SM/SSM 2012 Holiday Inn Glenmarie

Last Saturday, my business partner, Fiza and me went to a once in a year seminar for Sales Manager and Senior Sales Manager under G.L.A.S.S (Green Leader Academy Special Seminar) organized by Green Leaders.
The event was held at Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Shah Alam. Great since it was near, but I was intrigue when i met many others came all the way from Utara (Penang, Kulim), Pantai Timur (Kelantan & Terengganu) and Selatan (Johor and Melaka). 
The proud moment was when my leader, Shaliza Aziz was the MC for the event! She talked flawlessly and managed to control the crowd.. Wee! Congrates to you, babe!
I arrived as early as 7:30 am along with Fiza..just to enjoy the food! hehehe..
There were total of 5 slots for the seminar. 4 slots were before lunch and last slot from Hanis Haizi herself after lunch. They talked about their experience, the tips to success, how to do the Social Media Marketing successfully and more motivations.
And of course the food are one of the main agenda ;) we had 5 "slots" for eating ; starting from breakfast to tea break.
And of course not to miss taking pictures with the millionaires :
The beautiful CDM Hanis Haizi
Current monthly income 6 figures, up to RM200k, only less than 4 years in business
Fiza and hanis
Me and CDM Sha Khalid
Fiza and Sha Khalid
The more than 300 people all over from Malaysia!

The Jasinians (MRSM JASIN) group. Dah mcm reunion plak
What I've learned is that:
1. We need to change to positive minded setting in order to achieve success in life.
2. There was nothing impossible if you believe in yourself.
3. We have to get out of our COMFORT zone to be in a BETTER Comfort zone.

Read this quote. It is so inspiring, from our Hanis Haizi:
"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knnowledge BUT rather a lack of WILL."
Translated as : Di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan.
Yes, you can DO IT!
We are in the right group. Now we have to apply the right skills and method.
To know more and to be the successful person, i can share you the business plan. Simple and do-able.
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