Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crazy about Premium Beautiful?

Why is everyone crazy, fanatic, rave enthusiasticly talking about Premium Beautiful?
Let's checkidout!

1. It shapes your body
Helps redistribute your body fats to the right places. Pulls excess fat from other areas of the body particularly the back & love handles into the breast area and buttocks. Giving women that desriable body figure they crave. If you already have the body you craved, but then can your normal bra give these added advantages below?

2. Comes with Lifetime Warranty
Premium Beautiful comes with a lifetime FREE servicing, yes, correct, u read it right, LIFETIME! Hence, which is why you should always buy one from a trusted and professional agent. Any damage from normal wear & tear is serviceable and is FREE.

3. Superbrands

Superbrands council awarded Premium Beautiful corset from two factors. Quality and quantity which means that the corset is well known for it's quality make and loved by millions if not hundreds of thousands of women all over the world. Is your underwear Superbrands? So that raises a question, why would I care? Well, if you think of quality, think Superbrands.
A Superbrand is instantly recognisable to its intended target audience and it has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages and benefits over its competitors which they want and recognise. A Superbrand remains true to itself, but at the same time is flexible enough to adapt to changing environments without losing sight of what is at its core.  - quote from
The Selection process of Superbrand :

Superbrands Malaysia commissions independent consumer research, conducted by The Nielsen Company to identify the strongest brands across more than 90 different product and service categories.
Complemented by an independent panel of marketing and branding experts together with senior business leaders, outstanding brands from categories not covered by the research may be invited to complete a submission form for qualification which will be evaluated by the panel.
Eligibility for submission are based on the following 3 criteria:
Locality: The brand must be available and distributed in Malaysia
Longevity: The brand must have been established in Malaysia for a minimum of five years.
New Category: The brand must not be within a category previously researched by the Superbrands Nielsen Survey.
Eligibility for qualification will be based on five key criteria:
Awareness: Is there generally high awareness of the brand within its target segment of consumers?
Reputation: Is the brand generally perceived favourably by consumers and recognised as achieving the highest levels of excellence?
Innovation: Has the brand been innovating itself to meet changing market demands and needs?
Market Share: Does the brand account for a significant market share by volume and/or value within its segment?
Recognition: Has the brand been awarded by any independent bodies due to its excellence in products or services?
4. Far Infrared Ray - Health benefit
Studies have shown that F.I.R is a known alternative therapy just like we have conventional medicines prescribed by Doctors. F.I.R is widely accepted as a trusted way to help improve blood circulation and helps increase metabolism. This in turn helps the body to rid toxins. Why add FIR to Premium Beautiful you might ask? Simple. Check out the list of top 10 Cancer for women and you'll understand.

5. American Chiropractic Association
Premium Beautiful is a three piece corset, where the waist nipper is proven to help correct posture, alleviate back pains and slip disc patients. The waist nipper contains 7 memory coil wires which supports the back and also gives flexibility to the wearer.

6. Aquatec & Aquadyne material
Malaysia is a tropical climate country and temperatures can sore to above 36 degree celcius. Choosing the right material is IMPORTANT! Akwatek & Akwadyne is known to help stabilize the body's temperature where in cold conditions the fabric constricts to keep heat and in high temperatures the fabrics allows air and moisture to evaporate easily.

7. Cancer detector and preventor
You can read it on my previous post here

There you go! The combination of beauty and health with quality branded product. What more can you ask for? Does your inner wear has all the listed criteria?
So each time you wear Premium Beautiful you have MORE than just one reason.

You can get more details. Come contact me 017-6511966
I can show you the benefits and share how it can change your life

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