Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Joke of the day : Preve versus Myvi

Have you ever wanted to compare a Preve to a Myvi? Crazy right? They were not in the same group / class!It is funny that i found one article in paul tan's website about Proton's new launch in Australia, and bumped into comments all negatives and positive feedbacks on Proton, overall..including Preve. and this one fella posted that he has bought MyVi over Preve (i was like : Whatt?? are you insane?) 
and there were replies from other readers on how stupid crazy he was choosing MyVi over Preve. soo funny!
I totally agree with you, Mr Bat-a-Man on how amazed Ah Beng and Rempits on highway drive Myvi like Ferrari. Like my husband said, myvi is like a fly..lalat..sibuk jugak nak beracing dgn orang lain, while they were not fit for it. yes, boleh laju. but can it come to a stop whenever required? 
I'm not criticizing those who owned Myvi, but this serve as a reminder to those who drive a Myvi to be very aware of the speed that this car can goes and the safety aspect of it.


mommyNadia said...

So true Airin, we have sometimes high beamed by a myvi,insane ke ape?U drove more than 140km/h. All me and Harith can do, geleng kepala..They shud thinking about safety,walaupun benci Proton kan,go for another choice la..

So Airin, apelagik..VW satu!!
*bussinesswoman berjaya kan =)*

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Nadia, seriously? Mata i terbeliak baca that a myvi bleh highbeamed a caldina! Come on la..respect sket,bro..
I dgn my husband pun slalu geram bile nampak myvi on fast lane, then came a beemer or sometimes porche, they didnt bother to move aside. How fast la u can go, myvi. Plus beemer n porche paid like A LOT for their roadtax rather than you, less than rm70 per year...huhu
Urm..vw..? Nanti dulu kot.. tgu biz stable. Another year maybe? Hehe wish me luck!

Mohd Ridhuan said...

i dulu pakai myvi gak tau. siap high beam mercs lagi selepas terowong genting menuju kl. sebab nak layan corner kat situ. tp mmg betul, tak stabil, amat bahaya dan mudah hilang kawalan. tak sesuai nak lawan kete2 besar ni even dh upgrade to turbo. so skang dh xpakai myvi lgi. bila ada myvi high beam kat i, i ketepi je. paham perasaan diaorg. bg je laluan. coz pernah merasai dlu hehehe

Airin Diana Anuar said...

En Ridhuan, Mr used-to-drive-MyVi-now-a-beemer, org yg drive MyVi slalu jeik mcm tu kan. sekati high beam other peep. haha respect ke suspect? lol!!

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