Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's google about Google

What is it with google? It is now even a word! When people ask u stuff, or talked about things u dont know or never heard of, u'll quickly pull out ur smartphone and start googling! Let's google about this, or about that.. is google all about search engine?

Definitely Google isnt limited as a search engine. Now google has a lot to offer.
Lets say u got lost, yeah, u have Google Map. If you got lost in translation..aha, u have Google Translate. If u want to find image..yes, i was one of those, okay..u can google it in Google Image.
If you want to know the latest news, you'll go to Google News.
Google even has platform for those who wants to advertise ur business online through
Or if u wanna have a good picture of our earth..or where does Puerto Rico located at..u will go to Google Earth
You can get connected with ur community or ur old schoolmates in the Google Group
The most famous google now of course our emails through Gmail
And you have the webmaster tools, the Google Toolbar, the google chrome, Google CodeGoogle Finance to monitor current stocks, Google Walletand many more..the list goes on and on..
Why do i write about google? Because i'm watching the Glee series and they said a lot about googling.. so, lets google about Google..hehe
Notes: Im still learning and exploring the Webmaster tools :-)

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