Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Parenting Tips : Potty Train

Now Lissa has started the potty training process. She has to stay out of diaper once she's in school (not by choice). teachers at her school have done a great job by training her to wee in the toilet. Now at 3, she's not wearing diaper during the day. but being a mom, like me, i still wonder if she would ever wet her pants, if she managed to control the urge, especially when we went out in public. I always worry if I couldnt find the nearest toilet when she wants to pee. I'd be soo crazy looking for toilet then..still, not ready for that! I got to put trust in her after this.

And another worry is, Lissa sometimes refused to poop in the toilet bowl. and definitely she doesnt want the potty seat. She chose to poop on the toilet floor, which was quite messy for me to clean (agak pemalas ye mak ni..eii).. so the drama begins! she even held to her need to poop til the next day! and sometimes, she asked to wear diaper.. and i know that she wants to go in the diaper instead of sitting on the toilet seat. In other time, it will be easier, when she's in good mood, she'll successfully poop on the toilet seat. Now i used another tricky tactic ie bribery. i know how she loves stickers, so i'd give two stickers while she's doing the business. She'd be thrilled and looked content. but it'll only last for that day. tomorrow, the drama of screaming will occur....

Looking at those articles in the websites, all suggested parents To Be Patient.
This article listed which potty training process that we can choose : read the full version here.
Tips No 1 : 

Be Patient—and Clever

...advises parents to get their child interested in and comfortable with the potty chair by putting them on it at the same time every day. Parents should ask their child routinely if he needs to use it, praise him when it's used correctly, and switch to cotton underwear once the child has successfully used the potty a few times. Kimes and Laccinole also advocate for using "motivators"—sticker charts, hugs, even (gasp!) candy—if these have proven to work for your child's behavior before.
Tips that worked for me and Lissa : Aha, the sticker stuff. But later I'm going to do some chart with   calendar so that she'll gaze upon the shining stars (sticker ek. over plak shiny2..hihi)

Tips No 2 :

Practice for the Big Moment

...recommend letting your child run around bare-bottomed—but remind her that she can certainly "try" the potty if she feels the need to go. (Keep an eye out for signs and help guide her to the potty if you see that tell-tale look.) The doctors add the realistic caveat, "[This] may work immediately; it may not."
You can also use this time to read a toilet-learning book together. 
Tips that worked for me and Lissa : erm.. bleh ke naked inside the house? agak kurang sopan la kan? not in our culture la kot.. plus, i think more "accidents" will happen.. jenuh nak mengemop lantai bagai..hihihi. oh, the idea of having a book in the toilet.. not so bad.. but i just had a difficulty having to understand Adults who bring newspaper with them to read while doing their "business"...urmmmm

Tips No 3 :

Take the Lead!

Don't be afraid to lay on the potty pressure. In one of his weekly syndicated parenting columns, Dr. Rosemond says that his generation grew up being "pushed" to potty train by 24 months. 
Tips that worked for me and Lissa : because of "pressure" la jadi drama samarinda kat dlm toilet.. knowing Lissa, she wont work with pressure or threat and even bombing! trust me! So lay off the pressure. fullstops.

Tips No 4 :

Build a Connection

Lay off the pressure, Mom and Dad. "Toilet training is not a question of making the child do something for you," Leach says. "It is a matter of helping him do something for himself."
Tips that worked for me and Lissa : Ha..this is the correct tips. No pressuring the kids. Just imagine how you'd react if someone asking you to poop, right now. Can you do it? No, right? you've got the point.

Tips No 5 :

Sacrifice One Day (Then Throw a Party)

After the first successful potty-chair trip, Dr. Phil suggests parents offer their child a phone call to their favorite "superhero" to share in the good news (enlist the help of a family member or friend to play the part ahead of time). This step can easily be substituted with just about anything—a phone call to Grandma, picking out a new book or toy, or going on a special parent-child date.
Tips that worked for me and Lissa : I shud try this.. now, whom should i call to "celebrate"? First on the list would be Princess or Barbie? (please submit your name to volunteer, okay)

Tips No 6 :

Condition Carefully

...parents should "condition" their child to use a toilet. "Toilet-training is a partnership, with proper roles assigned to each person," says Sears. "You can lead a baby to the bathroom, but you can't make him go." Bite your lip and be positive about the process. 
Tips that worked for me and Lissa : Yes, it is a partnership.. tu yang asek bergaduh je everytime g toilet.. "sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit" (eh, ade kaitan ke..?)

Ok now, Lissa almost graduated in the potty train department. it is either graduate with 4 flat or with 3.5 or 2.0 CGPA? another last section of it is to go on the toilet bowl, instead of the toilet floor. She's becoming to get used of the idea going on the bowl.. hopefully i can help her to.
Erm..hanie? yes, she's been a witness throughout these drama.. I think I can also start with her. Can I?
Another parent found her 18-months old is ready. click here.
Hanie might also.. who knows?
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Nadine said...

I love this post!
Thanks dear, I still have to work hard on this department with my Faaz :D

airin diana said...

Glad this help, Nad ;)
The key point is : BE PATIENT

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