Monday, October 8, 2012

Attention Seeker Toddler

Telatah kanak-kanak ribena, penghibur hati yang lara :
Saya budak Comel :) Pinjam tudung kakak
Peace Mama! 
Mama, tengoklah kakak buat Princess. Princess Kakak canteeekk
(tanak kalah dgn adik. attention seeker)
Hey adik, bagi balik tudung kakak!!! kesian la hai si adik.. kena mengalah..
(adik : nangis)
no more picture of adik crying - rumah like ribut taufan

Now, our neighbours would think that I have more than 10 kids, whom I hide somewhere. Handling one toddler and another one becoming a toddler would be a very very hectic life!
An article about Attention Seeker child mentioned :
By trial and error, growing children figure out what makes adults continue to give them attention and what drives them away. Since they are dependent on us, they do everything they can to get the love and nurturance they need. Usually their early experience shows them that when they are well-behaved, when they learn new skills, and when they are happy, they pull adults closer. When the adults react with interest, affection and approval, the children strive to please, to copy the big people, to grow in their social and practical skills, and to find a positive place in their family.
But when children consistently can’t get a response, they get desperate. Abandonment threatens a child’s emotional and physical survival. Lacking enough positive interaction, a child will develop negative tactics to re-engage the adults. Being scolded, nagged, reminded, and punished is far better than being ignored. By finding ways to be personally addressed by an exasperated or angry adult, the child makes sure that at least he isn’t forgotten.
So, now i shud ask myself. Have I been ignoring Lissa when she's trying to show a new and positive improvements.. i might have. There were those days when I was so tired after miserables meetings and meetings at work, which I might have ignored her saying stuff like, "Mama, harini kakak men jump jump!" or like "Mama, kakak amik wuduk harini. Allahbat" (her word or Allahuakhbar)
Ha, kan betul! It was mentioned here:
Even though they’re doing the best they can, parents who are overwhelmed by the job may inadvertently create a situation where the kids have no choice but to misbehave to ensure a connection. When it’s a matter of mismatched temperaments that causes the distance, the child’s desperate attempts to engage can make the relationship even more difficult. Spilling the milk, fighting with a sibling, or pitching a tantrum may not get love and snuggles but these antics certainly get the adults involved.
Dush Dush! I need to be more motherly. be more attentive to Lissa, and also Hanie (let's not  forget Hanie, so that Hanie wont be another attention seeker!)
Hai.. ni baru anak dua orang.. kalau 10 orang, tak tau mak cane aih.. batu belah batu bertangkup la gamaknye..haha
Mama, peace! kakak tengah bagi susu kat baby ni
(another good example, breastfeeding!)
Hanie pun nak gak, tapi tak tau mcmn...
These two gurls make me so determined to be a full time businesswoman and can spend more times at home :)
InsyaAllah..May Allah makes the easier way for us..

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shalizaaziz said...

U will babe .. Very soon becoming one of the mumpreneuer .. Having priceless time with kids + big money ;)

airin diana said...

Thanks babe ;)
InsyaAllah..the time will come for me plak

Maria Rajab said...

hahaha..berebut tudung ye..aqil n marissa pn sll berebut tudung/songkok/kopiah..padahal lain jantina..haha

airin diana said...

wah, maria. kalau lain jantina pun bley berebut..lagi dahsyat..hihihi.. good luck ye (terbayangkan my house yg mcm huru hara dgn jeritan)

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