Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fabulous Motherhood Mommy Nadia's Giveaway

i love giveaways! 
and the most i love is mommynadia's fabulous motherhood giveaways
want to know why?
because the first time i participated, i won! hehe..dont jealous k ;)
now, she did it the 3rd time (i missed the 2nd time.. babab to my IE at office and my samsung for failure to upload the blog..aish tension tul)
this time it is 2nd anniversary of giveaway for her blog
(wah.. dah second year dah nadia berblogging.. and makin glamer mommy nadia ni.. keep on writing babe, we love it!)

it is so easy to participate..
just type in :
Nickname  : airindiana
Email     :
Blog link :
I'm ...existing fabulous motherhood followers

Have a look on her entry to join!
dont miss it like i did last time..
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