Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friso Growing Up Together Day

After reading posts made by mommies blogger (Mommy Nadia & Mommy Nadine) on Friso Growing Up Together Days, I felt so tempted to bring Lissa to enjoy the day. We went to the one made at Sunway Pyramid last week*. (*last 2-wk ye..this is another pending entry)
At first Lissa wasn't in a mood to participate in anything (still in lalaland). She slept very late the prev night, and having to wake up as early as 9:30 am and took a bath..hmm.. still sleepy, i guess.
The Crooked Smile!
Waiting before getting into the virtual room
In the virtual room where Lissa should jump while the fish and tadpole and turtle swimming around us, she refused to jump. I was the one who kept on jumping. funny!
Then catch the butterfly activity, Lissa took quite a few minutes before knowing how the game is all about. She finally tapped on the screen to make the butterflies colorful and grow bigger.
Participated in making the batch.
I was more excited than she was
Virtual painting for the 2nd time, this time with Abah.
Since in the first round with mama was a warm up session time, Lissa asked for another round with her Abah. and to my surprise, her abah said, she was really active during the jumping session (yela, dah preview awal2 dgn Mama). And for the Virtual painting, she was the one who sibuk2 draw. but, of course, her abah being a very tidy person, erased most of her conteng2..adui kesian kakak, penat lukis.hehe. so here are the outcomes (already stick with Cameron Highland's magnets on our fridge) :
1st round with Mama (The writing "Lissa" hasil jari Lissa, ok?tak erase pun tau. of coz with mama's guidance) 
This time with Abah.
The pictures right next to Lissa's first art. Chantek tak?
We are looking forward for more activities like these. We love it very much. Plus next time around, Hanie also can join :)
Boring tunggu kakak 


Nadine said...

Dear, cantiknya Lissa first art! berbakatlah dia :)

mommyNadia said...

Lissa 2 round, rajin betul mama n abah dia layan yer..

Ala, Lissa color cantek sgt, jauhlah berhemah daripada Abg Adam..skrang ni ada rupa sikit, kalau dulu,dia main conteng satu page tak ikut garisan langsung..mmg nmpk awal2 tak minat bab color2 ni..;)

airin diana said...

Ala auntie Nad and auntie Nadia..
sila jgn tertipu yer.. mula2 abah & mama Lissa pun hampir tertipu dgn first art Lissa. rupanye art dia bukan color2.. tapi potong and tampal jeik (cut & paste ye..)..hehehe :)

airin diana said...

Auntie Nadia,
2nd round tu sbb abah dia datang lambat. ade game kat Proton earlier. so utk menebus kelewatan, terpaksa la abah dia round dgn lissa lagi skali. lissa pun dah jerit2, nak jump!

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