Monday, March 26, 2012

From Hanie's Diary : I am now 11 months old!

Hello mommies!
I am so happy cause i am now an 11 months old baby. By next month, i'll be entering one year old checkpoint.
Up to now, i can say, i speak a lot of words, but my mom said, only a few can be understood. My mom told me, she refers to this entry on a general guideline of what communication might look like between us:

  • 6-12 months – Your baby will start to babble and attempt to make their first sounds. Mama or Dada might slip out a time or two, this is a melt your heart moment ahhhhh
  • 12-18 months – This is when inflection will begin, such as a raised tone when asking a question. Such as “Eat?”
  • 18 months – Though your baby might only speak a few words they know about 50, amazing huh?
  • 18 – 24 months – Your child might be saying around 50-70 words and understand around 200 words. Also around this time they will start to learn two word strings, such as “Mommy nose”
  • 25-36 months – Your child’s vocabulary will grow to over 300 words. Nouns and pronouns will come together to form simple sentences.

By this time, i can perfectly cry out loud "momma" or "abah" or sometimes "nyeek" which means nenek (oh, that applies to anytime whenever i saw my grandma). I can also say "maaam" means eat, "urrrmmm" means yummy, "ayeeer" means water for drink.
On gestures, i can easily show my mom how jealous i was with my frown. This happened every time i saw my mom holding other babies, especially my cousin. I was extra jealous when my grandma held her instead of me. My grandpa said, i showed an "angry bird" face. I dont think i look like that, though..later, i'll ask my mom to capture my face when i did that.
On problem solving..urm.. i'm not really good in that subject up to now. though sometimes i managed to solve it by myself, i tended to get frustrated ealier, before i did solve it myself.
Just look at what i got myself into? After crying for a minute or two, i managed to get myself out of it without anyone's help! Dont laugh at was another learning process i went through, which is.. never ever crawl into any small spaces..yes, i got it now!
My mom told me, I am approaching one year as a fully-breastfed baby.Alhamdulillah. I'm very happy to get all the nutritious from my mom's milk. Even though lately i lost a few grams due to my "active lifestyle", i am thankful that Allah allows me and my mom to enjoy the journey. I pray that God will give us another year of this experience.
Talking about my sister, Kakak Lissa, there were a few ups and downs. There'll be times where she was very caring towards me.. and sometimes, she really either wants to test my patience or hates me..i'm not sure yet. Like the other day..  
I was eyeing Kakak while she was eating a biscuit, which looked really yummy
I did make sound like "uurmmm" (refer to above for translation) and Kakak didnt seem to care
And also, i did a begging position like pleasee..but kakak still ignored me and kept on watching Barney
To my surprise, out of sudden, she gave me a bite of her biscuit!
What can you tell from the story? Did she love me or hate me? Let me think for a while..
I better go to sleep first.. 
I'll tell you when i find the answer in my dreams :D 
Till then!
~~Baby Hanie~~

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