Friday, March 23, 2012

The untitled entry

Found this picture, taken long time ago.
Suddenly i missed the old baby Lissa
Lissa : The toothless smile
Hanie : The toothless smile version 2
And this is Hanie. the old bambam picture. now, no more bambam..kalau bukak baju tu, nampak cekeding jeik..aduyai.. only lately she has the appetites to eat. Jeles la plak tengok this one boy..
Ryan : The macho look ;)
Ape Mommy Nadia masak, sumer Ryan makan.. Share the tips, nadia.
Lately i have no idea on what to write. I'm patiently waiting to be transferred to a new Department (i'm requesting it since it offers better position, which means better "kaching!"). So, most of my works in current Department almost over. Just waiting for my replacement whom will report duty by next month..really can't wait..ok, enuff about work. next entry, i'll try to finish off my writing on our trip early this year, bangkok.
Have a good weekend everyone!

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