Friday, January 29, 2010

Tommy, Lissa and the Poses!

For today, i'm just going to update on pix taken thru out this month. So, enjoy!!

Lissa was watching the Tommy dancing i got from instructor from one of the training i attended early this month. she was so excited that she focussed on the video no matter what happened around her.

suka la tu meniarap! one of her pix with meniarap senget..hehe..

After so many minutes of holding her head up, it's time to rest!

Dah jumpa jari, there u go!!nyenyak tido!

whenever i get her undressed either for bath time or for jalan2, she will smile all along. suka betul half-naked, anak mama nie.

This was the time when we went to Sunway Pyramid and have dinner at Papa John (Yes, i am a Papa John's fan!! - have to admit. this month alone, we already went twice). Just look at them, posing la konon tu, nyek..

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