Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend updates

Last night, I learnt a new phrase from my husband. He said to me: " Kebahagiaan tu bukan milik mutlak kita. Sedangkan duit dalam poket kita ni pun bukan hak kita, bila-bila masa Tuhan boleh ambil balik." It made me realized it's true. Doa doa and doa..and tawakal to Allah that we will be always be blessed with happiness. And of course we need to berusaha. Ikhtiar so that we could stay happy forever. Walaupun badai melanda.. cewah.. berfalsafah plak.. (wink!)

Lissa sakit mata. I don’t know how she got it. But her watery and sometimes reddish eyes made me miserable since Thursday.. I recalled that she used to get any infection every Thursday.. then for the whole weekend suffering, Monday, ready and fresh to be infected again.. so sad that she has to face these kind of sickness..

After dropping some of bm inside her eyes (like my mom said, antibiotic contained inside our bm), the sore begun to reduce and no more reddish eyes!

Though those multiple events, we went for another sushi time last Friday


Sushi for Abah and Mama..

Lissa slept from the time we got there til we went back!

I don’t know what it’s called. Spicy Miso soup based with Udon and Scallop? But it’s for Abah. Mama cant eat it, too hot!!

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