Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Madness Weekend!

It has been a madness weekend last week. with Lissa coughing every hour, with me having a runny nose, with my husband not having enough sleep..with the apt has multiple dirty dishes inside the sink, jumble of cloth to be folded..it was chaotic!

Nvm, let's start with a really good story.
Lissa started to learn a new stuff from her friend (i guess). biting her lower lips.. all day after coming back from school, she was biting her lips, eventhough during smiling or talking!

This pix was taken on Friday at 3 am. i couldnt sleep all nite. she was coughing and coughing. her head felt quite warm, and i took her temperature. 37.4! That can be considered as 'on the verge of fever'. I was terrified! Luckily, we kept some cool fever in the fridge. cut in half to fit her forehead.

 We went to Dr Tan's Clinic on Saturday morning - to get first dose of Rotavirus.Dr Tan also gave us cough syrup and very low dose of antibiotic for her cough. He told us to come back to him if she wasnt ok by wednesday. She was quite ok by Sunday morning.we decided to go to OU since they have Audrey mega sale!

So after I did some clean up, we went to OU to buy some of stuff in my to-buy-thing list.

And one of things in my list was Lissa's first reading book. i bought 2 instead.but introduced only one for the first time. she put a lot of interest on the pictures (plus with my reading incorporated with silly sound of vroomm vroomm and chuggg chuggg).

(sempat posing lagi!)
After quite some time, she got upset. i guess coz she couldnt eat the book..!

Well, by Monday morning, around 2 am, she kept on coughing continuously. i gave her cough syrup got from Dr Tan. and took EL to take care of her. Monday evening, we went back to my parents at KL so that during the day, my sis could take care of her. still couldnt trust her nursery - too many kids - less attention, rite?

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