Friday, February 5, 2010

Funny article

I came across this article about bf where it really made me smile throughout the day.

"New mothers may have some inhibitions about transforming themselves from being a desirable woman into a milk-producing mammal."

So coincidence with my situation right now. Even my friends told me that I've progressed to build a milk factory with a brand Marigold looming large outside the building.

"NEW mums and mums-to-be may find themselves swirling in a bowl of alphabet soup where the nutritional needs of their babies are concerned. DHA, ARA, EFA, LCP, etc, seem to be the latest lingo. Looking back, I guess the good old days must have been much easier for our grandmothers and mothers had only one choice: breast milk – free and easily available." Yes, definitely true!! Mothers nowadays have too many options to skip the breastfeeding part (along with nipple soreness & bleeding & engorgement and the list goes on and on..)

The writer also emphasized on how she observed new mums during her visit at hospital :

When I was there, I observed that all new mums were enthusiastic about nursing their newborns. However, after a few days at home, many of them returned to report that their babies were on formula milk. What happened to the enthusiastic mums who were aware of the goodness of human milk, yet failed to breastfeed their babies?
Well well... let's think and evaluate..
Here are pictures of Lissa-after school..

Lissa : trying to tell mama what happened at school today..
Mama : Erm..pandai nye Lissa cakap Jerman ye.. or maybe French-Bonjour? Comment allez vous? Je m'apelle Lissa et Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah.. (huhuhu..awal-awal lagi ajar baby to speak French. je t'aime!!!)



suria said...

hi airin..didn't know u blog :)besar dah ur baby, rasa mcm haritu je baru bersalin :)

~~rosman~aireen~~ said...

Yup, kdg2 bile free, updatela blog. kalau tak free tu, sampai bersawang2 blog..hehehe
tu la, how time flies so fast! kejap je dah 4 mnth+

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