Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013. A New Beginning, indeed!

Happy New Year All!
Hopefully Im not too late wishing you all.

Anyway, quick updates this time (due to kerja hakiki which took up most of my times) but luckily my business went surprisingly smoother and progressing very very well than expected. (yup, online biz can apply almost anywhere anytime)

My New Year Resolutions :
1. To aim bigger saving..aim for Haj or Umrah some time next year...(pray for us, k)

2. To be able to have at least a weekend getaway once per month
planning for a weekend getaway to either Cameron Highland (our fav place ever!), Genting, Fraser hill or Bukit Tinggi.. note all "sejuk" places ye :)

3. To qualify FREE trip to Shanghai by June/July this year
The plan is working really well. and my business partners are working progressively. InsyaAllah, we will be going together.

4. To be able to spend Quality time with family

5. To be able to change to a new car 

still looking, and still calculating..

6. sat..pikey sat..hehehe (to be continue...)

Plan your Act
Act your Plan


hopefully i can update soonest possible. but anyway, lets pray for our dreams and aim this year will come true. Lets make it happen, y'all!


A solid 4 to 6 figures income can become possible.
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