Monday, June 13, 2011

From Lissa's Diary : My Vocabulary (Episode 1)

Now i know how to say (and know the meaning) these few words:

1. Abah - One of my first word ever!
2. Mama – Mama was so pleased when she heard me saying this word. Wonder why…
3. Tok – referring to my grandpa
4. Nek – referring to my grandma
5. Teh – My Mak Teh
6. Tsu – My Maksu
7. Tutu – my milk
8. Jatuh - When things (or me) fell off, i'd say this word, with a very pitchy voice. more like jaaatuhh!!
9. Baby - More like Bibi, calling my sister
10. Nak – When I want..urm.. almost anything
11. Annnak – When I don’t want things that mama wants to give to me
12. Phishh – read : fish. I always ask mama to draw me a phishh
13. Mieoww – or cat
14. Duck – I said it out loud and clear, especially when mama asked me to take bath. I need to get my duck along with me, if not, I’ll scream my lung out or try to escape out of the bathroom.
15. Key – I love playing with keys, especially abah’s keys.
16. Mam – Babies famous word, means eat
17. Tido – when I saw abah or my baby sister slept, I pointed them out to mama
18. Nan-tok – when I feel sleepy..i’ll rest my head down
19. Nose – while showing my nose
20. Book – most of my books have no cover. Thanks to me..hehe
21. Ball
22. Sot – read : kasut, or shoe
23. Kom! – This is the word that really got my mama and abah’s attention all the time. Meaning? Assalamulaikum. Every time I cross any door..doesnt matter entering my house up to getting out of the bathroom, or balcony’s sliding door.

I’ll lay out some more words when I can relate it to adult’s words. Up to now, I always mumbling by myself because I know no one understand me. (aha, because I speak in French, people!..haha! gotcha!)

Tasks given by my mama and successfully done by me (yeay!)

1. Took the tv remote control and gave to mama whenever she felt like so lazy to get up (frequency : most of the time)
2. “Kepak!”, my mama said. I’d do the chicken wing act with my hand. It was almost like an order that I couldn’t resist. Every time my mama said it, I did it spontaneously!
3. “Lissa, nyanyi” I’ll sing any song which I knew nobody knows. Of course, it is my new debut single, not released yet ;)
4. “Kemas” I’ll tidy my toys, but usually that’ll remain nice for a few ..urm.. minutes?..or seconds?
5. “Lissa, tolong mama, amik …..” I’ll help my mama. But that’ll depend on my mood.
6. “Siapa budak …” I’ll raise up my hand to almost everything, either it was budak baik, or budak bijak, or budak notie
7. “Simpan..”
8. Basuh tangan or wash hand
9. Solat – and I’ll perform my prayer, just like mama did – or looks almost the same.
10. Kish – I’ll kiss anyone, but instead of kiss them with my lips, I’ll extend my cheek towards them
11. Salam – Shake hand

I'll update more if i could recall those words and those tasks(yup, my mama gave me a lot!! i was thinking that i'm no different than those students out there..)



~dila~ said...

pandainyee lissa.... bagus laa ko airin, boleh ingat sumer perkembangan lissa... kalo ko tanya aku pasal perkembangan anak2... aku garu2 kepala then, 'ntah, tau2 ajer dah besar'...

airin diana said...

Ala pun ade a few yg ttinggal.sbb tu aku wat entry ni,takut nnti tlupa.mmg btl,tau2 je diorg dh besar kn.cepat jeik.

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