Thursday, June 2, 2011


Ada apa dengan pacifier?

If you asked baby Hanie (only if she could answer), she'll tell you,"i dont know."
She loves to hang on to my b whenever she could. she wouldnt sleep until she gets to do it. she'll fall asleep easily once she has it. it is like a habit, or a candu as my mom called it. So what would i do to reduce the kebergantungan hanie towards my b? I gave Hanie a pacifier, in a hope that she'll stop hanging on to me, and transfer the addiction towards the pacifier (eish eish.. such a not-good mother) 
harapan tinggal harapan
there's no way she would take the pacifier as her next best friend. She'll stuck her tongue out and show a very very funny face. 
so much of a pacifier, huh?

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