Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Manual Expressing

Hari ini dlm sejarah!!
First time experience expressing milk manually!no,not using a manual pump,but using hand! Gosh, respect bangat wif people who r expert expressing by hand.
Where's my spectra? Sent it for a service..and i hv no idea tht they did provide extra pump if u request and reserve earlier.if i knew,awal2 lg dh booking.
Since i dnt hv my pump wif me,and i'm at my hubby's hometown, i didnt hv any option other than expressing hand. Hanie isnt the type of a baby who drinks a lot.she usually needs a smaller volume,but at frequent feeding..i guess,less than 2 oz per serving,every 2 hours top. So, having stocking up ebm crazily lately does hv a big impact on me these 2 days. A very very painful engorgement!
Then today,i cant stand it anymore! Took lissa's 8 oz bottle n started expressing it by hand. I dont really know how to dho it. Wut was goin tru my head at the moment was i needed to get this liquid out of my b! And to my surprise, i successfully 'removed' more than 4 oz of milk out ofme. though it was not much,but at least the 'pressure' and pain were gone,for a moment.
but after for about less than 2 hrs, the engorgement and terrible pain came back.. i really need my spectra, people!!
Oh,forgot to mention,wut did i do wif the 4 oz ebm?yup,gave it to lissa who didnt notice at all the difference in taste compared to her formula.belasah je.haha. fyi,i tried to do tandem nursing wif lissa n hanie. But lissa looked at me weirdly.she didnt remember her 13 months of bf previously..(sad)


mommyNadia said...

ala nadia ada 2..
skrang buat g office yg mini E..mcm best plak after service..
so kalau nak pakai spectra boleh lah..pinjam nadianye..

btw,weekend ni ada kat rumah..dah lama sgt tangguh nak g tgk Hanie..
Ryan dah tak sabar nk jumpe awek..hehehe

airin diana said...

Oh yeke nadia ade extra.klu tau,dh turun g amik.hihi.
Amboi..ryan..dh pndai ek..hihi.insyaAllah ade.sabtu tghr je g wedding recep.after tht,blk umh terus. Klu nk dtg,inform dl ye. Warning awal2,umah mcm tongkang pecah.hahaha.makcik kecik ni suka sgt 'bkemas'.

haryati mariun said...

awak follow kita balik ye

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