Friday, January 9, 2015

Set Kurus Bajet

I'm announcing our new combo set.
Are you ready?

It is a Set Kurus Bajet.

You may choose between Set A or Set B

kurus budget
Set A : Combo of Mineral Coffee, BV Alfalfa and Garlic

Set Kurus Bajet Set B : BV Alfalfa and Garam Buluh Drink
 Whats the difference between Set A and Set B?

Functions are pretty much the same, however, to some of you who couldnt take coffee, you may opt it with Garam Buluh drink.

For Set A, with a 3 month supply, you save RM40 and also receive a FREE consultation from me :)

What's the function?

Mineral Coffee - will keep you away from feeling hungry.

Garlic - Will burn off your fat

BV Alfalfa - Will provide you with the energy and detox

Garam Buluh drink - will detox and keep your body energetic

What else are you waiting for? Order it with me and receive FREE Gift.

Text me at 017-6511966 to order.


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