Friday, January 9, 2015

Cabaran 2015 : Saya Nak Kurus Campaign

Well, I've seen every year people's new year resolution to loose some weight, nak kurus, nak jaga badan.
But do these people reached their goal to be slim and fit by end of the year?
99% didnt. hehe

Let's see this year's Top Ten New Year's Resolution, by twitter :

Because of the public nature of Twitter, it's easy to collect and analyze this data and see which resolutions are the most popular. So, what resolution tops peoples’ lists for 2015? According to research performed by Twitter and posted on its official blog, the number one resolution for 2015 is to “work out,” while the related resolution to “lose weight” came in number three. The full top 10 list, based on English-only searches, reads as follows:
1.Work out

2.Be happy

3.Lose weight

4.Stop smoking


6.Be the best (at a skill)

7.Stop drinking

8.Love myself

9.Work harder

10.Don’t f—k it up

You may read further here in Twitter's New Year Top List
See? All about losing weight and be fit.   So why not this time around, we stick to it and do whatever it is to achieve the goal.  
Let's be part of our team where we will guide you step by step from the food intake to light exercise to daily routine.

Look for #GengDietTDC and #GengDietGLAM for more transformation.

You may contact me at 017-6511966 or drop me an email at for any enquries.

Lets be healthy, be fit and be slim!


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