Monday, February 23, 2015

Restaurant Review : Kg Senibong Seafood, Johor Bahru

I guess everyone knows that one of the point of interests not to be missed out during a visit to Johor Bahru would be a dinner treat to Kg Senibong Seafood.

How to go there? I'd waze everytime! hahaha
Here's the map to the Kg Senibong Seafood :

There are lot of restaurants over there. If arriving there for first time, you might be going to one of the expensive restaurants. hehe. My suggestion? go to the first retaurant, named Restoran Malam Indah Selalu.
The Nasi lemak?? soooo yummilicious!

Once arrived, we have to choose what do we want to eat. Lots of choices of fish. When i arrived there, there were even live fishes. Excited!
We chose table near to the sea
Kakak as usual, refused to take picture. Now melayan ape ntah sambil merenung Singapore on the other side.
Nice view!
Our Ikan Pari bakar
The Squid with salted egg. Not bad
Oh, i totally forgot to snap another 2 dishes!!
The sweet sour siakap and the seafood vegie. Both sedap!
With my brother and his lovely wife.

I'd go again if you ask me. It is a definitely a must visit restaurant whenever I reach Johor Bahru.

Will review more restaurants in Johor Bahru in my next entry. This trip to JB is full of our jalan-jalan cari makan. hahaha

Stay Tuned!!


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