Monday, April 22, 2013

An Opportunity Not to be Missed

Hello All

Today I'd like to share with all of you why i am this business as part timer.
Others queried me before. why i need this business?
while i have a stable income as an engineer/executive with a very stable national automotive company.
Let me tell a lil bit about my background 

I graduated in engineering background. you can read my full graduation story here
My first and current job is at this national automotive company right after i graduated. 
I've been doing a lot during my time here.
On top of the roof during the roof inspection. Can u imagine me climbing up the monkey ladder? hehe.better dont!
When i was assigned to inspect a newly purchased forklift.
during the production quality inspection...
where i have to monitor operators performing their job
When i have to know more about the production of making the crankshaft. To some of you who dont know what crankshaft is, in short, it is a part of engine that moves the piston into a rotation motion.
Ensuring the calibration of the measuring gauges are in good term
Participate in the improvement and cost saving activities, such as in this picture when the worker taking temperature of the molten metal in the casting process. yes, it is molten metal where the temperature reached above 1500 degree Celsius.
I was the one who took the picture, if you're wondering. yes, it was a tough job for a girl like me, but i enjoyed the adventure of it.
Also, i learned about the microstructure - the material properties of the parts
Learned a lot by reading
Now, after 6 years plus in the production and engineering works, i transferred for a better opportunity working in an office environment. Though it was totally different..i learned a lot..and i'm still learning.
Oh, did i bored you?
all this facts are wut i went tru these one time, it did bored me to death!

Looking at the experience I've had with the company, i just felt that being an engineer and combined income with husband was just quite enough.but along with 2 growing toddlers, who definitely need a stable fund, a good kindergarten and daycare, daily and monthly expenses..fuhhhh! also, definitely with two cars and a decent house that can be called home. *koyak poket* thinking of saving during emergency? i barely has savings

From the background you can see i know NOTHING about running business, sales or marketing.

Now, lets take a look at the main factors in the business that attracted me:

1. Stable Company

Listed in the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia

Has been very stable and increasing within these last 2 years
2. Unlimited Income
The company gives up to 67% of the keuntungan to the distributors 
We are able to grab chances of bonus prestasi,  bonus tabung kereta, bonus projek wawasan, bonus perkembangan SM dan bonus pemisah CDM.
Apart from that, we can also gain untung runcit from our sales and sales rebate.
Bak kata my partner, business ni bukan ratusan2 incomenya, but ribuan. It is true.

3. Flexible Time
it is our business. we are our own boss.
Thus doing it part time is very convenient for us, the working moms.
But, having that opportunity, when we managed it properly, we can gain more than we expected.
In GLAM, we were taught how to fully optimized the available social media out there, Facebook, Instagram, Keek, Blogger and now Youtube.

4. Flexible Capital
Modal yg flexible
From professionals with big capital to students and housewife with very minimal capital.
As long as you want it, you can start from any level.

5. Superb Products
Starting with a Superbrand Award Premium Beautiful
to reshape and focus 70% on internal health
 to BIOZONE Food Purifier for the purification of our food
 to BBPLUS Collagen for young and healthy look
You can view the products here

6. Free Overseas Travel
Up to 3 times per year
hland belgium
guang zhou

7. Super famous, Talented Mentor and Great Academy
Hanis Haizi and GLAM

Enuff said
You can have a read here

To those out there
having an opportunity like this
grab it soonest possible

Let be part of GLAMpreneurs

Book your appointment today

The decision is in your hand.
From 4 to 6 figures incomer.

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