Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby and Eczema

Googled about eczema and baby and i was surprised to learn that 20% of babies have eczema. I cant imagine the suffering.
Now, lets have a read about eczema.
Full article can be found here from babycenter.com
What is Eczema?
Eczema (also called atopic dermatitis) is a skin rash that usually appears before age 5. In babies it tends to show up on the cheeks and scalp, but it may spread to the arms, legs, chest, or other parts of the body. After a child's first year, it's most likely to show up on the insides of the elbows, the backs of the knees, the wrists, and the ankles, but it can also appear elsewhere.
The rash might look like dry, thickened, scaly skin, or it might be made up of tiny red bumps that ooze or become infected if scratched. Scratching can also cause thickened, darkened, or scarred skin over time.

What causes eczema?

No one knows for sure what causes it, but the tendency to have eczema is often inherited. So your child is more likely to have it if you or a close family member has had eczema,asthma, or allergies.
What can I do about my child's eczema?
Taking good care of your child's skin and avoiding triggers can help treat and prevent flare-ups.
Skin-care tips
Bathing and moisturizing
1. Lukewarm water.
2. Mild Soap
3.  Moisturizer or emollient – an ointment, cream, or lotion that "seals in" the body's own moisture – to your child's skin. O
4. To hydrate and lubricate the skin at the same time by applying emollient to damp skin. 
Allowing skin to breathe and stay cool
Dress your child in smooth natural fabrics, like cotton. 
Soaps and cleansers
Switch to mild, fragrance-free soaps or non-soap cleansers and shampoos, or those made for sensitive skin. Use mild, fragrance-free detergent for washing clothes and bedding. Don't use fabric softeners.
Prevent scratching
Your child may try to get relief by scratching with his hands or by rubbing his face against the sheet during sleep. 
Use the softest sheets possible in the crib or bed, and keep your child's nails short. Put him to bed with cotton mittens or socks on his hands if he'll tolerate them.
Avoiding triggers
  • Rapid changes in temperature can make eczema worse, so try not to let your child get too hot and then cool quickly, or vice versa.
  • If eczema seems to be triggered by environmental allergens, such as seasonal allergies, you might want to consult an allergist for tips on how to deal with these allergies.
  • Keep your child away from cigarette smoke.
  • Try to identify and minimize any stressors that may be triggering the eczema. Do what you can to help your child deal with stress (such as providing your little one with more quiet time or helping your grade-schooler prepare for a test).

Recommended product for baby with eczema:

Using a Mild soap : Marine Essence Beauty Bar
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  • Liquorice Extract Reduces skin discolouration and dark spots. Lightens skin pigmentation.
  • Tea Tree Oil - Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.
  • Vitamin E - Antioxidant, anti-ageing. Heals problematic and damaged skin effectively.
  • Glycerin - Does not dry up skin. Instead it attracts moisture from the atmosphere into the skin. Excellent moisturizer.
  • Aloe Vera - Unique ability to heal and stimulate skin cell renewal on problematic and damaged skin.
These ingredients will definitely help soothes any rashes and scaling on skin.
How much does it cost?
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Lets reduce the agony of our babies.
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