Monday, April 29, 2013

Marine Essence Beauty Bar

Marine Essence Beauty Bar

What is is about this product everybody is crazzy buying until there were left very few stocks at stokis??
There has been so many gelaran for this beauty bar. Some called it "Sabun Putih Ketiak" since it can reduce the darkening of the skin underarm.

Lets take a look at the ingredients and the benefits :

Bamboo salt
- Rich source of essential minerals and antioxidants for skin.
- Anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory.

Pheno-SFE TM (Pu-erh Tea Extract)
- Renowned antioxidant and restorative properties to remove harmful free radicals that cause damage to skin cells. (Anti-ageing)
- Repair and renew skin cells by keeping it healthy and youthful for longer time.
Liquorice Extract- Reduces skin discolouration and dark spots. This is where the term "sabun ketiak" came from.
- Lightens skin pigmentation.
Tea Tree Oil- Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.
Vitamin E
- Antioxidant, anti-ageing.
- Heals problematic and damaged skin effectively.

Glycerin- Does not dry up skin. Instead it attracts moisture from the atmosphere into the skin.
Excellent moisturiser.
Aloe Vera
- Unique ability to heal and stimulate skin cell renewal on problematic and damaged skin.
So, where can we use this beauty bar?
Of course as face cleanser and for body. It can be used as a daily routine since it does not dry skin.
Where to get this?
You can contact me at 017-6511966 or email
How much does it cost?
One box contains 3 bars at RM105.
You can get 1 bar for trial at RM35 and postage RM6.
You'll get special price of RM100 including postage for one box at limited time now. 
Hurry and get yours NOW!The stock is very limited.

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