Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Outing to The Curve Damansara & A Promise to be Kept

It was a weekday. Thursday night.
but my craving never stop.
Suddenly...a freshly grilled steak at Marche Restaurant, The Curve, Damansara popped up in my mind.
While waiting for others to get ready..
these kids showing off their talent of dancing and singing..
Lissa, hai comotnyeee saya!
Hanie, saya lagi comot!
Kami budak2 comotss!
Angkat tangan!
Then, at 8:00 pm, off we go to The Curve, Damansara.
Food and me, dont ever be in between it!
Along with my mom and kids, we went to the Curve. 
Muncung sbb tak dapat duduk depan
si kakak conquer!! and tersenyum sinis kegembiraan tanda menang!
We arrived there almost 9 pm.Directly serang the Steak stall, me, ordered the Sirloin Steak, of course Medium-Well cooked.
Sirloin Steak with Baked Potato with cheese and black pepper sauce
After makan sekenyang-kenyangnye (opps, sorry. other punye food tak amik gambar.. lapar nyer pasal!; ok, my mom ate chicken chop with black pepper sauce & mr husband as usual ordered a lamb grilled), we went out and strolling along the very beautiful walkway.
Oh, Hanie was crying coz scared of the big camel
and again, cried scared of the big teddy bear!
still showing off her scared face there.

Jom main kejar2! oh, hanie dah tak takut dah
The view at night
fountain at night
Lissa overlooking the fountain
Kanak-kanak riang berlari2 at 11 pm, okay!
when i looked around,alamak, mana ade kids main2 time ni. sumer dah balik tido..haha
Lets catch the balloons!!
Then at 1130 pm, off we went back home... opps, that was after another round of icecream from McDonald!! pix? tak sempat amik due to kecomotan contents.haha

Anyway, we had a really good time. i felt so good that i could actually find time for our kids..walaupun dah dekat tengah mlm..so not good for kids' health. tp it is fun sometimes to break a rule. yeay!

Last night, when i got back really late after work, at 10:30 pm, Lissa was still waiting for me. the house was already set for a sleeping mode. my mom shut off all lights, leaving only 1 at the kitchen. Hanie already slept. but Lissa still waiting for me.
I told her, I need to take a shower. she said, ok mama,Lissa wait. sgt terharu! (and even while writing this, my eyes blurs with tears..) After I took my shower, she was already smiling. rupanye sbb tgh apply my eye shadow to her face. nak marah pun x jadi. so cute.
I took her to bed, and while trying to sleep...she faced me and smiled. "Sayang mama" Oh dear, you melt my heart...
Then i make a promise to her "Kakak, nanti one day mama no need go to work, ok? Mama ade masa sepanjang hari utk kakak & adik ye? Kakak doakan la mama tau. InsyaAllah."
And Lissa terus cakap,"ye ke? mama x payah pegi keje? kakak suka mama ade kat rumah"
Oh dear.. I will someday. I will become a full time mumpreneur. run business along with the GLAMpreneurs. Im gonna have all the quality time with you, dear.
I will.
A Promise to be kept, indeed.


mommyNadia said...

So schweeeetttt!Aunty melt tooo =)

Airin Diana Anuar said...

kan, nadia, kan?
kids mmg bleh wat kitenye heart melt and overmelt lg.huwaahuwaa

shaliza aziz said...

u will dear .. ieja baca pun rasa terharu ..

Sharidawati Shahrudin said...

moga2 u capai impian u satu hari nanti..amin

Wan Amira said...

oh dear.. sangat sebak pulak bila Lissa cakap macam tu.. insyaAllah Airin one fine day.. both of us can do it :)

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Thanks all for the doa.

Mira, yes, i hope both of us can spend as much time as we could with our loved ones :)

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