Tuesday, April 16, 2013


GLAM? What is GLAM? Why GLAM?


I'm referring to Green Leaders Academy Malaysia

GLAM is a group of young entrepreneurs that using Social Media as a medium to run our business.
Million thanks to our founder, Hanis Haizi & Razali Zain for the brilliant idea. 
Hanis Haizi has started this business in 2009 (from just a plain housewife) by using the social media & she has transformed into a millionaire just after a few years. Isn't that great?

She has been featured in NONA Magazine in March 2013
Nona Magazine March 2013
Hanis Haizi in Nona Magazine 2013 Page 1
Hanis Haizi in Nona Magazine 2013 Page 2
Hanis Haizi in Nona Magazine 2013 Page 3
Hijabista Magazine this month (Front cover) 

and In Trend Magazine this month
Hanis Haizi in In Trend Magazine
She has been a SUCCESS MOGUL as defined in those magazines. She has created many successful people out there. 
We are lucky to be leaded by her.


Today, GLAM is the leading pioneer in online marketing in Malaysia. Not only we are all over Malaysia, but we have expended into GLAM QatarGLAM United Kingdom,GLAM Singapore & GLAM Brunei. So our representative is everwhere!

An indicator of our success is a FREE Trip. In each trip, our qualifiers are increasing. Our track records:

Perth & Switzerland
10 Qualifiers

Hong Kong
60 Qualifiers (2 buses)
Holland & Belgium
50 Qualfiers (1 bus)
100 Qualifiers (1 flight)

150 Qualifiers (1.5 flight)
London & Paris
100 Qualifiers

Our next trip is Shanghai. InsyaAllah, it's going to be bigger!

CHOOSE the RIGHT group. Choose GLAM.

Credit to picture from www.hanishaizi.com

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