Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Love of My Life

Quick updates this morning.
These two gurls have been so cheeky and super duper clever.
Lissa Maisarah now knows how to write her own name, with the polyphonic alphabet. she'll go like : el - iii - ssss - ssss - aaa
Hanie Myazara on the other side now learns some merajuk tactic from her sister. Punya la susah nak pujuk that i sometimes left her menjerit and screaming her lung out just to get wut she wants. But, being me, as a mom yg malas nak layan budak mngada2, last2 dia elok sendiri and has to agree with me. hehe. and also, she knows how to count from one to ten, missing a few six and eight :)
I'm just feeling so lucky to be blessed with these love of my life.
May Allah provide me strength and more love and more time to spend with them.


Nadine said...

clever girls!

love their polka dots tops. cute sgt!! :)

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Thanks Auntie Nad.

Our polka dot tops from DNA boutique :) Our personal shopper was Dynas herself during that time

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