Friday, April 26, 2013

What do you think, a Working-at-home mom looks like?

I was reading my leader, ieja's entry and the thought of being a working-at-home mom (wahm) really knocks  my head. I want to be a wahm soo bad! no, not just being a stay-at-home mom. that, i definitely cant. being a working mom this whole time will make me a blunt woman if i just stay at home, doing nothing. 
This wahm is a career path. but you dont have to wake up early at 5 am, drive from home at 6:30 am, drop ur kids at 7 am and arrive office at 8 am. no, i dont have to face the heavy traffic everyday. 
yes, i have a work, but at home! (yup, i keep on repeating "at home" again and again.. dont u get me? hehe) with flexible hours..flexible time..i am my own boss.
waking up for subuh prayer, preparing breakfast for husband and kids, then off to bed. say around 9 am, wake up, replying sms and emails to clients and partners, take shower, prepare for a lunch appointment at..say, The Garden. While sipping a cup of coffee, watching Good Morning show and applying make up. Nice.
and not to forget, the kaching! making 5 to 6 figures income per month.

Oh, the time will come. very very soon
Now lets read what Ieja wrote in her entry

Masa ieja mula business bersama GLAM in July 2011, tak pernah bayangkan akan jadikan ni sebagai career. For me masa tu nak cari side income untuk setelkan loan2 yang keliling pinggang. Lagipun masa tu nak sangat bagi duit lebih pada mak ayah since mereka pun semakin tua.

But masa dapat bonus PERTAMA yang melebihi RM7,xxxx++ masa tu, ieja mula nampak potensi business ni. Ingat lagi, rasanya masa tu ieja just spend about 8 hours per week, tapi hasil macam gaji 3 bulan. Masa tu baru ieja faham macam mana most of senior / leaders in my team boleh earn RM30,000++ & do this business full time. 
Look at Hanis Haizi & Sha Khalid with their kids..jeles!
More money & more time with family! 

Yes, this is what we want. Of course as seorang ibu, masa dengan anak-anak sangat penting. Nak lihat anak-anak membesar di depan mata kita. Tapi at the same time, nak income masuk ribu2 dalam akaun ;) I'm lucky ieja tak de la outstation masa bekerja dulu, but for kawan2 yang selalu outstation or kerja shif mesti rasa tak seronok. Tu belum kira yang PJJ (Perkahwinan Jarak Jauh). Sangat tak best & quite stressful. 

Ieja rasa bertuah coz ieja cepat ambil peluang ni & cepat juga bertindak. Semakin kita bertangguh, semakin jauh peluang itu berlalu pergi. If ieja masih nak tengok kejayaan orang lain ketika itu, nothing yang ieja boleh rasa. Terasa ade la kot. hehe

Alhamdulillah after one year with business (part time), ieja dah pun jadi full time mumpreneur aka Working-At-Home-Mother (WAHM). And now masa ieja sangat-sangat flexible but yet I do generate income berkali ganda dari makan gaji dulu.

Fast action, fast result!!

Betullah apa yg ieja cakap. People who take actions, are successful people. 
Cepat2 kena bertindak
Orang yg berjaya, cepat bertindak & get the result.
Applied to me too. If i wait for ieja to succeed, i'll be so far from being success.
I'm on the right track
and will be one of them

Friends, pray for me
wish me luck!
All because of this budak kecik
Kakak & adik
Thanks for reading my luahan hati this morning.
Have a great weekend u oll!


Note: If any of you wants to know how i do it and want to be part of the WAHM & GLAMpreneur, give me a call and lets fixed an appointment. we might be having a breakfast together one day at Starbucks during weekdays while enjoying life as a wahm :)


shaliza aziz said...

Soon babe, u gonna be next WAHM with solid income from home :)

~dila~ said...

airin... gud luck dear... i'll support u even though aku keje gomen makan gaji jer.. hehehe

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Thanks for your guidance. will always cherish your help and tunjukajar

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Thanks so much!
dpt support dr kawan2 pun is more than enuff, dear

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