Thursday, April 4, 2013

My New Ride

Finally I got my second ride - of my life!
After been using my beloved Kancil 850EX for almost 7 years, yes, if u're wondering, my first ever car, and after been surveying cars and testdriving cars.after almost deciding on a Prius C (you can read it here), i totally canceled after mr husband told me that the car definitely looks like a MyVi penyek.. aishh!!! soo. finally, my husband decided for me. 
It is...........

drum rolll.................

jeng jeng jeng........

Opps, those who had me on FB and Instagram already knew :)

with the 6-speed 
"Leaves you Speechless"

Picking up at the dealer

The first look

Arriving home, Nusa Rhu, next to big bro

Posed with both of the boys

Another gedix post (aheeem!!)

Love the features. especially with the Keyless function. sumer men tekan2 jeik. kunci simpan dlm handbag, you!
Anyway, baru seminggu.. kete pun baru kete baru lagi (pening okay).. so we'll see how it performs :)
Hopefully evrything goes well.

oh, if you;re wondering about my Kancil..
Nope, not letting it go
too precious and valuable :)


bibi yusof said...

wah airin.. best nye dah beli kete baru... :)
selemat ber new ride... hehehe

mommyNadia said...

Peeewiitt. Dah ada gaya posing mcm Hanis Haizi. Hiks =)

Airin Diana Anuar said...

pening bau kete baru ni
plus pening convert from 7 years of driving shift stick to an automatic transmission.. bile nak try steptronic, bleh plak confused skrg ni patut gear ape ek.. so nak senang citer, letak je auto mode, then tekan je la..hehe

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Weee!! tengah blajar posing la ni
hanis Haizi dh totally superb dah.last month masuk Nona magazine. This month in Hijabista cover page & In Trend magazine.. aiishhh..mmg dan2 la xbleh lawan
bleh tiru jeik
kih kih kih

fathillah rahim said...

wahh gud job airin nice car n same number lagi....

fathillah rahim said...

nice car .......

Airin Diana Anuar said...

thanks fadil

Kereta biasa2 jeik.. kereta utk pergi berbisnes and merempit gi keje..hihi

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