Thursday, March 12, 2015

Naelofar Hijab, the trend!

Oh my!
Macam tsunami masing2 nak grab Naelofar Hijab yg tengah famous now.
Nealofar as the founder.

okay, tak ketinggalan myself.
My first naelofar hijab is Chic and basic, purple color.
tak macam nealofar pun kan? hikss

I love the material it's just that the color doesnt suit me well. (i also got the same color for my Jovian's shawl. and wore seldomly)

The second one was the grey color, also chic and basic which i LOVE so much and wore many many times. since it is grey, it matched any blouse color i have.
Wore during a visit to Kidzania, whole day!!
Rasa dh mcm belacan dah, but i look okay kan??
wore same shawl again for a bowling game.

wore for a chinese new year celebration, matched with Ashannas skirt.

The third one is a turqoise color Babes and Basic. 
This is with lycra material, as compared to chic and basic a chiffon. Altho i like how it feels and how easy it was as compared to chic and basic, i dont like how it makes my face looks round. hehehee.

My forth one, an electric blue chic and basic. gonna wear that soon! baru je dapat last week and excited to wear it.

Soon will receive the new naelofar shawl, foxy lady. dont know how it looks like anyway. just bought it when my fren recommends it. fren refer to an ig fren i knew selling this shawl.
Hopefully gonna get it bfore end of this week.yeay! :)

What is your naelofar hijab favourite? Care to share with me?

Leave comments down below. wud love to hear from u.


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