Friday, March 13, 2015

Premium Beautiful Corset and me

Many might wonder, why premium beautiful corset has created such phenomenal on slimming agenda.

Let me tell u a story.
A True Story based on my experience wearing Premium Beautiful Corset.
I have been wearing this corset since 2012. and i never regret it!

Honestly, this is one of investment that I really feel worth a lifetime!
Yes, with a lifetime service, whenever torn or broken, can be sent for repair For FREE!

I am a mother of two. After the first child, my stomach can really get back to normal shape as prepregnancy.
However, right after my second baby, there is no way that my bulgy stomach could get in shape. sometimes i look like im a five months preggy lady!!
It was quite frustrated until i found Premium Beautiful Corset a year after.

First thing that i noticed is this corset wont make u feel hot or melekit2. i worked as a production engineer before and had to work at the foundry environment. The temperature can reached close to 40 degrees! Oh even the melting furnace temperature for the metal is around 1400-1500 °C.
So u can imagine if i was wearing a corset which didnt have the aquatech and aquadyne material. i'll be sweating like a p*g!
But wearing premium beautiful corset, surprisingly, i didnt feel the heat. my body was cool enough and i can still walk inside the production line for hours!

Another thing that i noticed. For the firsth month i wore this corset, i didnt notice that suddenly i got my period. Usually days bfore that i'd feel discomfort and started to feel menstrual cramp. Alhamdulillah since i wear this corset, i hv never got any menstrual cramp.

What else?
Of course the bonus once I wore it consistently, i got my shape back to prepregnancy body.
I am your Premium Beautiful Consultant
Anyone who wants to feel confident, reduce the menstrual cramp and of course get back in shape, i highly recommend u this.
Premium beautiful corset is not like other corsets.
It has all the quality and worth body investment.

Now with Premium Beautiful Guideline booklet, I can assist you to get your personal custom made size.
Can you spot me in blue shawl? hehe
For free consultation, free fitting session, do text me 017-6511966
We are Leaders of The Diamond Circle GLAMpreneurs, the Premium Beautiful Expert

your premium beautiful corset expert

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