Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Premium Beautiful Expert, The Photoshoot

I am glad finally we did our 2015 Photoshoot for The Premium Beautiful Expert.
i had one in 2013 (read this : Glampreneur photoshoot)

one in 2014 :

Now we managed to get a black-yellow theme.
Not bad!!

This time our Make-up artist : Fadh. We still got the touch of photography from our favourite, renowed photographer, Hafiz Atan.

Those of you who still don't know who is Hafiz Atan, go visit his instagram : Hapeap

He is one talented photographer!
The outcome?? Undeniably gorgeous!! Thanks Fadh for the flawless make-up. and thanks to Hafiz for the lovely awesome and amazing photo!!

We are officially now a Premium Beautiful Expert!
Grab free service and free advise from me, your Premium Beautiful Expert.

Contact me at 017-6511966


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