Monday, March 30, 2015

White Love : Bridal Show Ashraff Zainal

Hye All!

I am sooo excited when I got the invitation by my favourite fashion designer Ashraff Zainal. Still remember my entry about him when he did design a dress for my Diamond Night event. and happen that i loooove his dress!!
The Bridal Collection is a combination of four designers : Ashraff Zainal, Lyndra Rahim, Najeeb Azami and Wan Pa 
I received a text from Ashraff himself and I was excited!
I took a half day leave since it was held on Friday evening. Booked my favourite mua Sahir Sabri and Im ready!
Im Ready!

Thanks Sahir for this lovely make-up. Love it!!

Me and bff, Ieja and Yong went for an early dinner before the show, nearby Bangsar. It was at the Wonder Mama and the food were delicious!!

The Wonder Mama menu

I wore the same skirt Ashraff designed for me with a matching blouse from my closet

I just love how flowy the skirt when I walked
After the dinner, we went straight to the event.
We were among others who did arrive early. Took our seat and did enjoy the drink and refreshments.
Picture snapped by the official photographer Fazlizainor

It was such a surreal feeling when we've got to snap a selfie with Malaysia's sweetheart, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. She was really friendly and humble that tho about to go for a quick break to the restroom, didnt disappoint us with one pix. Thanks so much Dato Siti.

The Official picture of her
And when the show began, we were mesmerized with the dresses

With Amadzola, the backbone for Ashraff Zainal. He's such a friendly and welcoming person. We appreciate your hospitality :)

With lovely Nad Zainal

The event was a combination of four renowed designers, Ashraff Zainal, Lynda Rahim, Najeeb Azami and Wan Pa

Chat a lil with Malaysia's Supermodal Raja Azura. She was really friendly and humble. and also super tall! Really adore your talent

With the gorgeous Kaka Azraff. Amik picture multiple times sebab asek tak jadi je pun, tak kisah. Siap check balik, jadi tak gambar tadi. Awww such a sweet person.

Another gorgeous person. and also baik hati. sweet sangat boleh borak2 like we're friends. Nice meeting you, Juliana Evans

Another humble and smiley Fauziah Ghous.

I really adore her voice! and she really talks like knowing me for years. and also super kurus, hokay! Diet for two years kan, kak Ning.

with Nora Danish

With my favourite designer. Super talented!!
Afterall Ashraff, you did it! Your hard work paids off!
Congratulations on your stunning dresses!! Looking forward for more from you.
Thank you for the invitation. We really enjoyed it.


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