Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ashraff Zainal, the Talented Fashion Designer and The Red Carpet Event

Who is Ashraff Zainal, some wonders.

Ashraff Zainal is another up-and-coming talented fashion designer who has designed many of renowned Malaysian celebs lately, Betty Rahmad, Umi Aida, Hanis Zalikha, Nora Danish and Erra Fazira, just to name a few.
Umie Aida in Ashraff Zainal's

Betty Rahmad in Ashraff Zainal's Lebaran Collection

Hanis Zalikha

Nora Danish for ABPBH
Erra Fazira for Primadona
Both Betty Rahmad and Umie Aida

This year for our red carpet event, the Diamond Night Celebration, I will be getting an award by the company for my ranked in business. I am now on the third ranked out of 5 ranks. Alhamdulillah, I am a Diamond now.
Will be receiving the reward and it's gonna be a celebration to be remembered.
Thus, i chose to make a designer dress for the event.
Since Ashraff Zainal is so famous nowadays and looking at his fabulous designs, i decided to get his talent for this event to remember.
On the day i had the appointment, my husband drove me to Ashraff Zainal's boutique which located at Sentul East D7.
On the back of my mind, i have aimed this Classy look dress with simple design like this.
But once arrived, Ashraff started to design multiple dresses, one after another, til i was sooo not sure which one.
All are very nice looking and beautiful! such a talented designer. Tak perlu cakap nak design mcmn, he just came out with options.

He also came out with his own design of shoes which are very classy looking and also with reasonable price.

These shoes are 5-6 inches high but u will feel comfortable and easy to walk with.
It is custom made to your feet. so no more feeling like i am a 8 and half, but my left foot is like 8. hehe

Before we went back, of course a must, to snap pictures together.
Ashraff was so funny when he said i am so much taller than him that i need to crop this!

Of course feeling models.haha

These are some of the dresses that Nora Danish wore for events like Maharaja Lawak.
Last weekend i went for a fitting session. Tak sabar sangat2.
Cantik view at D7 Sentul East ni. Greeny and very secure.

And i am impressed with the design and the material.
Thank you Ashraff Zainal.
Easy to work with.

There are 5 of us using Ashraff Zainal's talent for our dress.
This year, there'll be total of 8 The Diamond Circle team going on stage for the Diamond awards celebration.
Some teaser for you ;)
This time i chose Fuschia. Heard it is the IN color right now
The event will be held this Saturday 21st June 2014.
So excited!!!
Tonight i'm going to pick up the dress from Ashraff. sooo happy!

Alhamdulillah. only with this business i got to get all the opportunities like this. agak2 kalau x buat business, ade ke terpikey nak g tempah baju with designer? Maybe adala kot, tp angan2. bila nak jadi reality pun not sure, kan..

Will update soon with the event celebration :)


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