Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hunting for RTW Baju Raya

Oh My!!

This year banyak betul RTW from famous designers, especially in

Mulalah rambang mata ni.

Oh, ade yg tak tau ape RTW? It is Ready-To-Wear. Baju dah siap, tinggal pakai je.hehe

Last year I wore RTW from Jovian Mandagie.

This year kononnye the whole family nak kaler purple.

ok, jom tengok kaler purple ape yang ade

This one from Jovian Mandagie RTW
Cantik kan? simple and tak heavy sangat.

Syomir Izwa. Your design catched my eyes!
Can this be consider purple?? boleh laaaa

tiba-tiba, ternampak this design. Adui! cant help to eye on this.
Rizalman for zalora. memang drooling!
So can you help me choose which one??

the hunting continues...


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