Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Free!

Today's my 44th day after giving birth to beautiful hanie.
It is my last day of confinement.
At last i can go out of house without feeling guilty (as previous outing during my 30th day and 37th day of confinement).
Being a mom of two does require a lot of energy from me. The other day, i have to carry Hanie with me while unloading my laundry off the washing machine, while screaming at Lissa not to pour her vitagen off. fuuhh..! i cant imagine how mothers of 5, let alone mothers of 10 manage their kids. A big applause for them. Having to juggle these 2 kiddos makes me feel like growing another me instead. 

What can I conclude from this time's confinement period as compared to my last confinement? It was a little bit loose, not as strict as the first one. why am i saying that? The tradition of the activities does changed in a matter of duration.

1. Bertangas (aka sauna with charcoal)
The first time i did it almost every day for the whole 2 weeks. This time, i did it for 4 times only.

2. Berbengkung (aka wearing a traditional girdle)
Previously, wore it most of the time, even until after the 44th day. Now, not so many.. why? i did most of the houseworks, such as cleaning, washing laundry, move all the time. So, wearing girdle does slow me down, which i hate. eish.. need to make up for it since my tummy not as flat as before..darn!

3. Warm Bath
Yes, still the same as previous. Warm bath up to 40th day.

4. No-ice rules
Yes, still remain, even til now. I can hold myself, though watching other people slurping down the ice tea... shoot!! another 66 days, airin, hold urself.

5. Applying Pilis + Param + Tapel
On and off during the 1st two weeks. i did get skin rashes when i applied it too often..

6. BM only, no FM
I can say this is the most improvement i made. During Lissa, I didnt get to produce breastmilk til the 3rd or 4th day. So during the first 3 days, she consumed formula given by the hospital (sad..) only after that, i managed to give bm exclusively til she was 13 months old (til my bm depleted due to my 2nd pregnancy). As for Hanie, proud of myself, i successfully bf her up to now, and insyaAllah (pray to God) that i could bf her as long as 2 years.. At first, i was hoping to do tandem nursing with Lissa. but she looked like she was never been breastfed when she looked at me funny when i tried to. somehow, if my bm supply does increase, i will give her my ebm. she still has another 4 months to go to her 2nd birthday. so it does valid, right? the thing that i'm worry is that the taste of the milk. will she prefer formula, compared to bm due to the sweet taste of fm?
And talking about stocking up before starting work, i didnt get to do any stocking up during Lissa, but for Hanie..alhamdulillah.. as of today, i collected up to 170 oz. and hopefully, manage to collect more than 300 oz by the end of my maternity leave..insyaAllah..


~dila~ said...

selamat celebrate airin... takde buat sesi memanjakan diri ke?? hehehe... anyway sangat kagum dgn stok ebm mu itu... aku tak sempat pulak kira berapa oz yg aku dapat simpan sblm naik keje ari tuh, yg pasti semua stok dah abis.. so now aku buat daily stok... still boleh survive laa until today...

airin diana said...

tu r dilla.. sesi memanjakan diri x sempat lagi ni.mesti wat!huhu
takpela, dila. asal bleh supply susu kat bb, tak kira la ade stock ke takde. aku kn wat stock sbb takut nanti ade time yg x sempat nak pump.. so kena gak wat backup.
so cane keje tmpt baru? seronok x?

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