Friday, May 27, 2011

From Lissa's Diary : Outing with Maksu

Today, lissa would like to write about an outing with my youngest auntie, Maksu. We had a blast last Saturday when my abah and my mama brought us for a day out. It has been a while since our last outing.
It started when early in the morning, mama woke me up and took me for a bath..then I saw mama took my baby sister, hanie for a warm bath too. I was surprised to see that Hanie didn’t cry at all. Usually she would cry, but I believe she was also excited to go out that day.
After all of us got dressed up, abah told us that we were heading to mama’s favorite’s breakfast spot, McD.
Me and my beloved Maksu
We had breakfast together, except for Hanie, who slept all the way. I wonder why babies always sleep.
See, i told you, Hanie slept all the way.
After we finished eating, we headed out to our most visited mall, Sunway Pyramid. 
We had a stroll inside the mall when Hanie suddenly cried out loud. I think she was hungry or maybe felt cold though mama already wrapped her tight with blanket. So we rushed to the nearest baby’s room in the Jusco. After mama fed hanie, she was sleeping soundly again.
Then we had our lunch, again at one of my mama’s fav restaurant, Papa John. 

This was the 2nd week we had lunch here. I wonder when mama’s going to get tired (muak) of eating pizza?

Afterwards, we went to the playground inside the mall. 

I had a fun time playing there til abah asked me to stop that i refused to.
Before we got back, we went to Parkson’s baby room..i’m embarrassed to admit it, but..urm how to say it in proper way..yeah, my diaper needed to be changed..hihihi. maksu said, it smelled so bad! Sorry, maksu! 

And hanie also took this as an opportunity for another round of feeding!
This was the last chance I had with maksu coz by this week she’ll be going off to her campus, starting a new round of sem. I’m gonna miss you, maksu! All the best to you.. and once again, sorry for all my wrongdoings and my notie behavior for the whole month taking care of me.




mama dah abis 44 hari pantang belum neh??
duk umah diam2 tau ;)

airin diana said...

alamak..kena marah..hihihi...boring sgt tau dok umah jeik.. tp coming towards an end dah.. tgal 2 hari lg merdeka.yeay!

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